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So fed up with feeling like this!!

Hi, I'm new to this and this is my first ever post! I'm 25 and I'm suffering really badly with health anxiety & depression and also agoraphobia! I have been absolutely fine since round about Christmas up until Middle of February when all he'll let loose and my partner was made to move out our family home by Social services! It's like a massive bomb has just been dropped and I've lost everything! As he was a major role in our home.. the school runs, go and do the shopping, listened to me when I'm at my lowest! It feels like I've just my whole entire life! So with him having to move out I've now had to start doing the runs & doing the shopping etc! It's had a massive impact on my agoraphobia and my depression and everything else! I've not been able to sleep because of being so worried about everything! This past week I've been back at my worst.. feeling really sick all the time so panicky that something really bads going to happen to me because I'm the only one around the house (silly I no) just my mind and my heads constantly doing over time! Just before the school run my heart will start racing and I'll start thinking stupid things! I hate socialising just because I wanna get back home quickly! Just so sick and tired of feeling like this! Just want to be that normal mum that I was back 3 years ago! Want to be able to go out and do my shopping and do the school runs without thinking stupid/silly things! :( :( I really hate this!!!

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Hey baby it's me my health anxiety and depression is back to I waking up with panic attacks I'm too constantly anxious it's driving me nuts got pains in my side and in my legs and I'm thinking stupid thoughts too that I've :) it what my mum died of.why has ya hubby been made to move out by ss?

Private message me babes loves u xxx

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I would like to talk to you I have these issues and thoughts I have nobody to talk to about this

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Hello Divaa please feel free to private message me I would love to talk to you about this and maybe we will help eachother as I only have healthunlocked too talk to here if you need me

Love Nat xxx


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