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Zoloft has RUINED my life.

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Hello! I'm new to all this so I'm going to rant a bit. I've always struggled a bit with depression, ever sense high school. It was never really a big deal. I had jobs, went places, had friends, had ambitions. Then I gave birth to my second child and was suffering from post-partum really bad. I got a prescription through the phone from my doctor for Zoloft. It made me feel worse, more depressed. So I stopped taking it. One month later I started having severe attacks. So bad Id black out, throw up, get nose bleeds, find myself in places I don't remember going. I've gone to the hospital several times, where even the EMTs thought is was a heart attack because of how high my heart rate was, but they've checked for heart disease and I'm fine. I've been prescribed everything in the books. I mean EVERYTHING! they all just made it worse. Now I suffer from agoraphobia. I cant go to the store, I quite my job, I cant make it to doctor appointments, or therapist appointments, I can barely take my son 5 mins away to school. I'm currently a student of psychology, so I know all the stupid methods to try like meditation, mindfulness, deep breathing, distractions, the 5 senses exercise, diets, vitamins, CBD, marijuana, music, therapy, meds, exposure therapy, yoga......I've tried everything! There are times I can manage it somewhat, but its only ever for a couple months, then BOOM! I'm having 3-5 bad attacks everyday. How am I supposed to provide and take care of my children If I cant leave the house? I hate having my boyfriend take care of me all the time and college doesn't accommodate to people with agoraphobia. So my question is, who else suffers from this? Has anyone recovered from agoraphobia? Are there any tricks I don't know about? Has Zoloft fucked anyone else's life up?

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Did you ween off the Zoloft or just abruptly stop?

Impressive rant. Now, I'm no psychologist, but I don have an understanding of how meds can mess with your body and mind. First thing I would say is keep a diary. if you do this daily then when you next have an attack, you can analyse what the cause could be and the duration of said trigger.

Secondly, you have a loving boyfriend and children, so your are doing things right. Have confidence that you are looking after your children and partner. No-one looks after selfish people, they run away from them, so you are doing REALLY well. Have confidence.

Agrophobia is a hard on. Many people walk staring at the ground so their peripheries cannot see the extent of the wide space. Or use fake glasses to make themselves think they are in a smaller space than they really are. When walking to and fro, have a book in hand and read so your mind is on the storyline and you only are checking here and there to ensure you are not going to trip over. If you don't focus on the larger spaces, they cannot effect you so very much.

Ditch the drugs, drink plenty of water, especially when getting anxious, and think about meal plans and other useful jobs you have to do during the day to provide for your family and yourself. If you have a car, go with your boyfriend to the store, but you stay in the car until you have the confidence to step out. when you do walk out, have your boyfriend have his arms around your shoulders, so you feel safe and protected from all angles. Remember, ...eyes focus on each step you take, not on your surroundings. Your bf will keep an eye on the surroundings.

Ok, I really got to sleep ...5am

Good luck and take care.

To me it didn’t seem to work but it hasn’t ruined me I’m on two different medications I would talk to your doctor and see what they say and mabye prescribe something else

Im on the same boat as you, but i think mine are health related. I just switched off zoloft but it didnt seem to help. Im on lexapro and still feel like i could pass out everyday.. i cant really even leave the house either. Ativan helps but thats it.. im struggling. I feel what your going through.

Lexapro helps anxiety but for my depression did nothing i was on it 4 months. . Im on celexa....Now. Three days ...so far prior on paxil for 20 plus yrs. For social anxiety it really helped but took 3 months on paxil to work on social anxiety and depression. Anyway

I am getting or trying get used to celexa 10 mg. But so many brain zaps im calling my dr tomorrow. I

Increased to higher dose today its a process.

I'm unclear as to how the med ruined you. Can you explain more?

Zoloft doesn't work for everyone. Also, you really shouldn’t take antidepressants with out actuality seeing someone. They are very tricky, have a profound effect on your mental health and are very difficult to wean off of. Once you have weaned off there should be no lasting effect. Cognitive Therapy can work as well as meds. I am still working through a severe anxiety condition without Meds because they effect my memory and lower my ability to stay sober. I exercise, meditate, attend meetings and go to therapy.

But, I will still have days where I will be sitting in meetings at work, taking care of my family, or trying to complete daily tasks and I will get panic attacks that will last hours. I work through them and try to get more sleep when they occur. I encourage you to investigate therapy again to explore the root of the problems instead of singleing our a treatment that was unsuccessful. I personally don’t like antidepressants they didn’t work for me and they turned me into a unresponsive blob. They may make you feel better for a short period of time once you get over the initial adaptation period. But, I think it’s not worth it in the long run because your never will be without them because of the dependency and withdrawals. Another thing to consider is Endocrine and adrenaline disorders. Get blood tests to make sure you don’t have hyperthyroidism or something like that. Good luck.

Antidepressants change your brain with the first dose. There are many people who have had negative reactions from a short trial that left lasting damage to the cemtral nervous system. I am one of them. Check out survivingantipressants. Its a support group. Good Luck to you.


Years ago from age 27 to 37 I had frequent panic attacks and especially when I left the house. I think I was responding to symptoms that had been triggered by a medical visit at age 27 and I had skull x-rays after some eye symptoms (now known to be migraine ). I became fearful I had a brain tumor.

Panics began with dizziness, and the feeling I was going to die immediately. Ten years later a change in medical doctors revealed that I had thyroid problems (underactive). It did not take long for the panic attacks to go away with synthroid. Yes, they went away completely without a psychiatrist and their pills. I got help from a counselor and had many good years.

I did continue with illness anxiety. So before my first colonoscopy I was so scared I started taking Paxil and took it many years (sweating the only side effect) until I went to a psychiatrist (two years ago) to get off it. She said it wasn't good for me and changed to Cymbalta for one year which raised my BP to an emergency level and had to go to ER and found I had developed chronic kidney disease. I regret ever changing from the Paxil. She did not look at my medical history of hypertension and the Cymbalta was known for raising BP. I still have not recovered from that incident but improving; I am older and it is harder. The psychiatrist put me on Zoloft and am now trying to quit that almost two years later!

I would say having a belief in a God who loves, praying, socializing and exercise and good diet has helped me more than anything else.

Yes, Zoloft the other universal goto med.

just found an interesting article on sertraline/zoloft that really applies to me..it has helped my anxiety, but so far (7mths) later, still struggling with depression, and sometimes, I like you, feel its even worse? There is some hope in the article, again I can really relate to, it is that given enough time, (and apparently it takes time), most people will reap the benefits, "hopefully'! here's the link, take time to read it, and good luck! I will not stop taking it though...


Zoloft gave me stomach aches went back to paxil. Now on celexa after 22 plus on paxil. 3 days so far. Trying it for severe depression.

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