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Severe depression and axiety

I just recently got dumped as per my axiety always taken over my mind, we have fought and argued apt.I miss her so much and she hates me. we been together for four years. I was suppose to meet her family and she was suppose to meet mine.Now my life is miserable. She also changed her number. I haven't contacted her by email or went to her house since she changed her number.

I keep looking at Facebook and stuff to see but we both have our Facebook deleted. I want to respect her so that's why I didn't go to her house or email because changing her number meant she doesn't want to talk to me.

I went to the doctor they want me to do cbt therapy

Can you help me or tell me ways to lower my axiety and depression, I don't feel like doing nathing and I just want to stay home.

Don't feel like eating and stuff my mind stays on her.

I just want to feel happy and my self

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Famou, I am so sorry for your breakup. my boyfriend broke up with me 8 months ago. I felt terrible. But I am in therapy and on meds so it really helps. By all means u should go to CBT therapy. It will help you with depression and feelings. Do you have an anger problem? It can help with that too. You will move

On,even though this is very painful for you. Write back as often as you want.



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