What do I do?

So I've been suicidal and deporessed for about two years. And my plan was last November to kill myself. Well this guy who was really sweet and I had a crush on asked me out. Well I decided to give it a chance and see where it went. We dated for 3 and a half months and the other day he texted me and told me we needed a break. When I asked him why he told me I was too clingy but I didn't realize I was being too clingy. I feel as though it's all my fault and I honestly feel as though everyone hates me now I feel like a worthless piece of trash that isn't worth anybody's time. I don't know what to do.

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  • Breathe. Place your hand on your heart and feel the incredibly intricate design that allows the beating to power an entire life. It's beautiful, you are beautiful. Do not let anyone take that away from you. Things always seem worse when you're standing in the storm. But if you keep moving forward you will start to see clear skies. Please just breathe and know that you will be alright if you just hang on. Is there anyone nearby you can talk to? Someone who can help you out even if it's just to distract you until you can take it all in with a clear mind?

  • You are not worthless and you are not a piece of trash! You will never be a piece of trash! You are beautifully made in the image of your Creator and you have gifts that maybe you haven't completely uncovered yet! There are plans for your future and they don't include you ending your life. There are good plans for you to enjoy and have a future that's good!

    If you don't feel that way it's time you get to the doctor and get a checkup and talk to him/her about your depressed feelings. Your doctor may prescribe something for you or may refer you to another doctor. Either way your problem is being addressed. And that's what you need. You also need the name of a counselor the doctor recommends for you. Don't skip this step, please. You need someone on your side who will show you what's going on and teach you some tricks on how to cope and feel good and so much more.

    How about doing something you like to do? Do you have any hobbies or things you need to practice in order to stay good at them? You have got to focus your attention on something else besides this man you're breaking up with.

    Here's 2 numbers to call should you find yourself thinking of hurting yourself: 1.800.273.8255 and 1.800.784.2433. There are trained counselors for you to talk to on the other end. Maybe they could give you ideas on what to do with yourself that is healthy and good for you right now.

    Please let me know how you're doing because I care. I'm here if you need help. Take care.

  • You be strong - you be the focus in empowering yourself and though it sucks this may not be the right time to let your emotions run too much. Soooo what he came up w clingy but it could have been something else and maybe just maybe it's for the best right. You need support and be in good spirits and put yourself first as you continue to better yourself- it's so cheesy but take time for yourself and slowly you will feel better and find other relationships with yourself and others that empowers you be strong!

  • It's hard, but please do not blame yourself. You are a valuable person, and this does not have to define you.

  • you never were are or will be worthless. It hurts to be told these things. I dated a man for 3 years and because I didn't try for a job he wanted me to, he broke up with me. I got depressed and anxious. Do you take meds? Do you have a good therapist? You need to. I was very wounded by my breakup. I put myself in the hospital for a week and you know what? It helped to have smart and good Drs. And nurses listening to me. I am in a good outpatient clinic and I am feeling better. I will pray to God for you to get better. Please don't hurt yourself. Call a suicide hotline if you need to. Get the help for yourself that you deserve. Just because this person said you were clingy didn't make it true. He's probably just insensitive. Write back and let us know how you're doing. This is a good growth group.LD

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