Feeling lost and alone

My most recent experiences with anxiety and depression have left me feeling lost and alone much of the time. I have been isolating myself and hiding from the world. I have been where a lot of folks seem to be right now. Not knowing what to do next. For me I must stay in the present moment. It is unhealthy for me to worry too much about tomorrow. So I am practicing mindfulness and reminding myself that I am not alone in my struggles. We are in this together. It helps me to remember that.


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  • We are in this together. I'm alone too, I have friends but I think they are just here to pity me. It's the worst feeling, keeping this kind of stuff in my head makes it even worse, if only people would be more open to me and talk about it. I'll take a couple words of yours to learn from and try think a bit more positively. If you need to talk more just give me a reply or whatever. Hope you're okay.


  • I am okay thanks! Feels odd to feel so good actually! I have anxiety about not having anxiety. That's a good one!


  • My thing is regrets about the past, mix ups, and anxiety about the future. Maybe just keep communicating? Just finding someone else who feels this way is like an aha. I get suggestions all the time about "joining a group" but that does not cut it. Hey, the other night I called my bro. - we're not close but we seem to communicate a little better now. I said " I miss you guys, and there was only silence back.

  • I find myself amazed at the power of my disease(s) and the power and perseverance of myself to overcome such suffering. Do you ever wonder how in the world you are able to make it though not just the day but the present moment? I am a strong and mighty person! You are a strong and mighty person! We are a strong and mighty people!

    Thankfully we are not in this alone!!!


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