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Being monitored on Medication?

Hello all! Thins is something new to me, so here goes! I suffer from anxiety and depression. I actually took myself off Klonipin this week when I found out that I was going to be monitored with testing and the Feds would be notified. Really, I stopped all my anti anxiety meds buy Effexor. Probably stupid, but so far so good. Only been 3 days total....but feeling kinda crummy. Anyone else out there kinda afraid of being on monitored meds?

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I understand why you dropped your meds. I can sympathize. But I think you're going to be sorry. When I was working, I told my supervisor that I would have a positive drug test for benzos. I wanted her to know that BEFORE the issue ever came up. That I was prescribed a benzo daily. Because there was no way I wasn't going to take my benzo and be anxiety- ridden. NO way. She didn't want to know but I insisted that it was her JOB to know. If there's an accident at work, even a little one, a drug screen can be called for and then you must make sure you're safe. That's why I insisted that my super knew about my benzo prescription before there was any need for a drug screen. A CYA situation for sure.

So you're already feeling crummy because you need to be on your drugs as prescribed. I'm afraid you're going to get a rude awakening. A panic attack or some other nasty event. What does this mean? "I stopped all my anti anxiety meds buy Effexor"? Oh, is it BUT Effexor? I think so. That's good you're still on the Effexor, but I believe you should declare all prescription drugs to your supervisor and take them as prescribed or discontinue them if your Dr. agrees you don't need them. Particularly any that are on a Drugs of Abuse Screen. That would include your Benzos.

So a drug screen has cocaine, cannabinoids, morphine and benzos and the like. I'll bet you can research it and know which of your drugs you must tell your super or prove are your prescriptions. It's something to think about. I hope you also think about taking all of your drugs because you need them in your system as prescribed or they won't work as needed. Take care, Let me know how you're doing?

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If you are prescribed the medication then you have nothing to worry about. Klonipin is a common drug and is used for seizures also. Bring your scrpit in for the drug screens so when you show up hot for benzo's they know that you are prescribed them. They don't need to know why. That is between you and your doctor.


Good idea.


Definitely let the powers that be at work know you take meds that may show up. If you work for a good company you should be fine. When I had my screening I was on a narcotic pain killer for an injury I suffered, I told them and I had no problem. But I do understand your concern that those who have no right to know what meds you are taking for medical reasons will know.


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