Need Help with the overwhelming feeling of being alone

I tend to mess up every relationship because i overdo and overthink everything and go into full panic mode if i dont get a text back for a full hours i run 100 scenarios in my head and work myself up and ill get a text and back to happy that quick. Even when i know he is bad i fear losing him and being alone and i battle myself what is wrong with me is it Anxiety . I over think and over analysis everything and i cant sleep good for so much in my head.

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  • Yes, it's anxiety. Too much anxiety. You need to see a doctor about this. Possibly a GP or a psychiatrist if you think you are also depressed. Anxiety especially makes you want another person around and you frantically overthink things. You need medication for this anxiety and that can be tricky. You also need a counselor to teach you how to handle this amount of anxiety and your relationships that are affected by it.

    So get to a doctor asap and describe your problem like you did right here. Then get a recommendation for a counselor and make that appointment and keep it. You really need both.

  • Thank you i wasn't sure why i reacted this way or when it developed i never remember being this way but last few years its been rough i will for sure take your advice. Thank you again.

  • You're very welcome. With the right treatment you can get back to the real you and live a happy life.

  • I hope so because this is so heavy

  • Yes, it is. I've been where you are now. You don't have to stay this way. It's not normal and can be treated as I directed you. You can get your life back in order with the help I described.

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