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You really are alone in the world. In the real world

Sometimes I think about killing myself, just end it all. I became a burden to the people I know. I have a hard time believe in faith, hope. People will tell you oh it gets better, you got keep your head, believe in yourself and the list go on.

I don't have anyone, I am beyond broken, No light cannot reach me. I put myself out to do a good thing but get no result every time. I see my friends get everything they want money, career, opportunity, growth, relationship, love, just everything that they heart desire.

I got nothing. Everyone abandon me, throw me away, talk down on me, calling me out of my name, and the list goes on.

I don't compare myself to other people. I just don't want to exist anymore.

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I'm sorry you feel that way...and your does seem like other people just have all the luck sometimes....but the reality they don't really....most have to work hard to have what they have. Nothing comes easy, some may want you to believe that....but it's not true. Unless you are the 0.01% born into have to work at it to have it and keep what you have. There are always obstacles ...and when you have anxiety and seems 10 times harder...and sometimes is. But with proper management of your depression....and you making the effort, you can have a life. The same is with friends. We make better choices for friends when we are healthier.

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I know

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I hope you do find someone in your life that your happy spending time with, I did at sixty, so anyone can, and I have the same anxiety and depression issues everyone else has... I always felt alone most of my life, even around people...but even if we were super cool and really healthy emotionally, etc., ....most people are still just acquaintances....

Thank you

Boy I sure do relate to what you're saying. Do you know how special you are...there is only one you!!! Be gentle & kind to yourself...find something that gives you pleasure. I'm here for you, wishing you joy!!! XXX

hi im sorry to hear of your struggles and you are not alone 18000 people on here feel the same as you.i think about suicide every single day but today specially this is one of them.thankfully though like you its just a is just our guide but the work is down to us obviously with some help along the way.ive been beyond broken and ive even been on the other side of life but I battled back just like you will.forget others just compare you with you and what you would prefare to be and im sure that is a fighter.

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great comment kenster.....and I am right there with here to talk any time....hang in there....

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I will

I know. Thank you

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we really are a good group...keep sharing....I'm glad your here.

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Thank you. I will. no one ever comments on my post before

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it happens to all of us who post here sometimes.....some days people just don't comment on mine happens...nothing personal....try to keep that in mind, that it's just hit or miss with everyone who posts some days. Because people who read these posts are just like you, often they read what is being said, and can relate, but are suffering the same too and don't feel like they have any solutions to offer, so they don't comment. Many are too shy or leary to post a comment, it's hard for them. We see other posts getting comments and wonder why ours does not, some people have made a friend with the poster, and they just talk....your not being ignored for any particular reason, honest.

When you see what others have and you feel you don’t have the same that is a comparison. The issues with this sort of thinking is it leaves of feeling guilty, with no compassion for ourselves. If you saw a dog hurt on the side of the road, would you stop or would you run it over? I would stop I’m guessing you would also, that is the sort of compassion we have to have obit our own pain. It’s very ok to be in pain, embrace it learn to appreciate it,learn to love it, embrace it like the hurt dog, stop running it over time and time again. Break the habit of hurting yourself with these thoughts, nurture these thoughts, be compassionate towards yourself.

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If I see a hurt dog I would help it. Pain is all I have

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Sometimes we just need professional help along the way....and it's the only thing that can really help us when we are truly stuck. Self help for me comes after I had learned to understand what was causing my disease to keep me in a constant state of depression and anxiety....nature vs. nurture.....I was born with this disease....I also had trauma in my life along with addiction.....all contributed to an endless spiral down. When I hit bottom and was tired of it, I sought out help....there is no quick fix, no one thing that fixes it all....and no magic's hard work some days, and trial and error. But we can have a life.....we can learn coping mechanisms, and seek support when we are in a dark place as this disease ebbs and flows up and down with our emotions.

Hi Zeld, I think a lot of us can relate to what you're going through. We all have things that make us feel down and out. The things may be different but the feelings aren't. I feel like I am a burden and get so sick of feeling down. Its been ongoing for many years. Suicide is not an option. We need to get that out of our heads. You and me, deal? Have a decent day and I will try the same.

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Thank you. You too

Thank you. You too

I am new here and do not feel I have lots of solutions or anywhere to turn. I figured the first step was to talk with someone. SO here I am. I am here to talk with you too. I know your struggle. Sometimes I think it would be easier to just "be gone". I am here to talk. I will be your friend.

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Every day I think I just don't want to exist anymore.

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I know it feels like it would be easier to be “gone” but you are robbing yourself of your potential and your future. Keep fighting the intrusive thoughts bc you are worth living a kick ass life. Good for you that you are seeking support and eager to provide support to others. We are all needed

It's on my mind most days as well. But it will not fix anything. I think we should talk about it. It sounds like you and I are both just very lonely, but I am here. I am here to talk with like minded people like you. We can help each other.

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Here for you too.

I get it.. Try not to let your emotion mind take over. You are worthy of your desires. Change it up for a few hours. Volunteer. Get outside in nature. Do something to get out of your head. It can be a dangerous place. Go easy🙏

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thank you

Thank you.

It is sad, i feel so much pain in you post. I only at this point want to say that you are needed in this world, I am sure of it. I think you need if possible to seek medical help as well. It would be easier to live thru the day and fight this beast: depression. I Hug you gently

I know.

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I know

Hey Zeld man see all these responses! We got you friend. I read all of your replies, you have a big heart..give yourself a break and make an appointment to see a doctor, get honest with the doctor and put your faith in that doctor to come up with a plan to get rid of the weed, we can all help you with that also. I can help you with that too! It’s time to wind down that phase in your life and move on!! I can’t tell you how much better things can be with out the use of a mind altering chemical, but I can guarantee that things will get much better having that beast of your back. I’m sure it’s very scary to consider leaving this friend behind, it was for me. No I rely on people like you to get me through, experiences like this conversation and all the support and experience others are directing towards you through this thread. Your not alone in this struggle.

So sorry you feel that way. Just know it's just that, a feeling. There is no truth to it. You are valuable. Your life is valuable. I ran across this lastly, maybe something here will speak to where you are right now; . I'll be praying for you.

Sorry this is going on... You are very valuable and are not alone here! I just want you to know that I am praying for you!

I can relate 100% and I don’t have any advice except that I’m in the same boat as well. Wish you a better day from someone who’s also going through hell. Take care!

I feel the same as you.. Im new to this site. I am trying anything to change the way I feel everyday. Its hard. When the safe spaces aren't even sanctuaries of peace anymore. The truth is that unless there is something positive to gain, people don't pretend to care. People use you up, suck every bit of life out of you and then move on. Iam Truth

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