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Im scared to take my medication. I keep having panic attacks...I can't breathe my head hurts tingling pain from head down my neck cold sweats heart beating fast I feel like I can't be in my house it's suffocating can't sleep dizzy nauseous. I just want to get better. It's just getting worst. I want to take my medication but I panic everytime I try to take it.

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What is your medication? Is it for the very problems you name in your message? Is it for anxiety? If so, you're just making it worse.


Hi if your medication is for your panic attacks please try and take it or go back to doctor and tell him your fears and they should help.I've been on antidepressants most of my life and I can't stop as depression and anxiety get worse,so please see doctor and ask and go from there,I know how hard it is I've been like this since teenage and now 56,hope all goes well xxx


Trust me...I was like this for about 2 months. Trying to get better on my own. Not wanting to take my medication but I nearly collapsed because of my anxiety in my flat. I thought, I can't carry on like this. I started venlafaxine which helped from the second dose but got too many side effects. So I switched back to amitriptyline which I have been on before and have very few side effects. It's working brilliantly.

My anxiety has all but gone, I can go out again without feeling like everyone is watching me.

My confidence is coming back.

I am so glad I started my tablets as I couldn't carry on anymore.

Please take your meds. You will be glad when you feel better I'm sure.

Much love ❤️


What are the reasons you have that make you scared to take your medication? Sometimes the side effects can be difficult to deal with, but if you have the opportunity to discuss what you're going through with your doctor, he can change them to meet your needs.

Would it be easier to deal with if you hid your medication in food, maybe make it less apparent you're taking them? Perhaps separating yourself from the act of taking them could reduce your anxiety. I hope things get better.


When I was first prescibed my anxiety meds I had mixed feelings. First I wanted to break the cycle of being so terrified and I knew the meds may help, but the I began worrying about side affects. The thing is the very thing you need the meds for is what is stopping you. Perhaps if someone were then when you need to take the meds, they could offer support. And you just have to tell yourself that by taking the meds you are taking a step in feeling better.

Talk to your doctor about this and perhaps he can help.

Believe me when I am having a bad anxiety episode, I have to fight my brain and make myself take the pill, but then I feel better.

You are not alone.


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