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Trying new medication


Hello everyone, I just started a new medication for panic attacks and I’m very anxious for side effects and I was wondering if anyone could share maybe some words of wisdom or stories to give me hope about trying new medications. I really need help staying positive in this time. I want to be hopeful that this medication will help me

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The only thing I can tell you is you won’t know if you don’t try. I just started lexapro and I am having a hard time. I think the problem is the actual anxiety about taking the meds. How do you feel normally? If you are like me you feel like crap anyway. You can do this!! If it helps then you will be in a much better place. I hope you find this helpful. Supposedly the side effects go away.

Thank you for replying! And true that’s what’s keeping me going is the hope that it will work. And yes normally I’m already always slightly anxious too, I think I’m just working myself up extra because of my anxiety of taking meds. I also have tried lexapro about a year ago and had a hard time with it! It helps to know I’m not the only one going through this process, it can be exhausting

I stopped Prozac and Wellbutrin. This is my third one. You are not alone. Anxiety is literally the worst.

I really hope lexapro works for you! If you are ever struggling with it and need someone to talk to I’m here! I’ll check out the tea and oil(:

I actually started using camomile tea and cbd oil to take the edge off of the anxiety. It might make it worse before it gets better. That’s what I’m finding out anyway

I am using CBD oil too. I keep hoping it is helping. Using lots if supplements for sleep....getting help from a nutrionist with all of this.

Yeah it is crazy rough. I think a lot of what is going on with me I could fix if I worked on my marriage. Cbd is good though. I just need to be functional

I have tried many medications over the years for anxiety, depression, and ADD. One thing I have learned to do is NOT to read the information the pharmacy gives you with all the side effects. I wait until I see if something happens, then I look at the papers. I am so chemically sensitive and allergic to things I learned it was better for me to just see what happens. For all you know this medication may be the best thing for you and you will start having good days.

What is the med?

Start taking the new med very slowly, breaking the pills and even taking that portion every other day until you have built up to the full dosage. Starting out with the full dose can trigger emergency room-level panic attacks!

I had to start at 2.5 mg because my anxiety is already so bad. That is good advice.

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