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This is geo worse my anxiety is taking over me. I can't get the thoughts out my head am getting all these symptoms of different things. It's makiy me panic a can't move no more I'm so down. My life's gone. As soon as I open my eyes it's in my head all day till I sleep I can't live like this no more. How can I stop this

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Are you on medication or have you been on meds in the past ?

No think it's what I'm needing

Can't you stop trying to fight the thoughts just let them wash over you

Wow it's so hard. When I get symptoms constant. A never feel normal always light headed weak really tired and tbh a think the reason I've been laid out is because I'm sick of feeling like that and when I'm up my heart races and then I go into a panic

You need some healthy food and a walk in the fresh air and sunshine

Agora1 in reply to Sodown

Sodown, when anxiety grabs hold this hard, it's time to seek therapy along with

medication to help break that cycle of fear so that you don't stay stuck.

If you are already on meds, then it should be reviewed and possibly adjusted.

Living in this state of fear and panic each day does not allow you to think straight.

Hope you reach out for some professional help. It can make a big difference. xx

Sodown in reply to Agora1

Yes agora your right x

I suffer from agraphobia also so everything is a challey just want to lay and I'm convinced I'm dying

Geo, this sounds very serious. If you are on meds I would suggest you take them. Also, if you in any point feel like hurting yourself seek help please, go to your nearest emergency room. I’m not sure what’s causing you to have an anxiety attack today, but just remember, tomorrow is another day, and you never know what it may bring. Life is very unpredictable geo, today may feel like the worst day of your life while tomorrow turns into the best day ever.

I have panivy disorder health anxiety depression. Agraphobia and vertigo so tbh my depression is taking over me as I'm so fed up. Honestly there's no point living the only thing I live for is my boys. But I can't do anything wiy them either my partner does everything. My mam goes mad and says I need a kick up the ass and fight it. Instead of googling everything and overthinking. She don't no how I feel I can't help it. My head is in a mess in overdrive x

I’m assuming you are on this app because you don’t have a support system, and by that I mean someone you can talk to when your mood gets this bad. It’s always good to have at least one person you can turn to when it gets this bad. So my suggestion to you, and you may not like it, but it would be to admit yourself to a rehab by going to your local ER. You honestly need some professional help,and I say this not to offend you. Compared to you, I only suffer with depression and anxiety. I was having frequent panic attacks, I was depressed and everyday I wanted to die. It was hell on earth, was a horrible time. I called myself a chicken because I could never go through with killing myself. Finally one day, I had the courage to at least put the pills in my mouth, all I had to do was swallow. My friend who was there that day luckily knew my mental state and knocked down the door to make me spit out the pills. I know this sounds very dramatic but that’s what happened. He gave me an ultimatum, either I voluntarily admit myself in a rehab or he calls the cops. I decided to go to the ER. I didn’t realize it at the time but it was the best decision I ever made

Hidden in reply to hellokitty2019 have a really wonderful friend. I am so glad you were able to get the help you needed. But I am equally sorry you've had to go through such a painful time in your life for so long. You're very inspiring, thank you for sharing this about yourself.

hellokitty2019 in reply to Hidden

Thank you! ☺️

A would never harm my self at all. I'm ringing docs in morning for anti depressants x

Okay good ☺️

I’m like you by the way in a sense because I google everything and overthink everything. I over analyze, and I couldn’t keep a long term relationship to save my life for that reason. They couldn’t stand that about me and they would leave. Which obviously didn’t help, my mental health struggles. But I just had to learn to acknowledge that about myself and to make an effort to stop. I still google things and overthink sometimes, but it’s not half as bad as before. In rehab you see a lot of counselors and psychiatrists, and they do give you the tools you need to fight. It will be way to hard to fight this on your own, but it can be done with the proper tools and help. I wish you the best of luck geo

Thanks so much means alot I tend to think I have every going mainly diabey because when I feel funny like weak I eat something and a thiy it boosts me up. So now I have to have food and drink in my bag when I'm any were al tho not been out in 10 weeks but still like it at home it's horrendous. This past week I have hardly moved out of bed how sad is that. Eai don't intrest me nothing does I hate everything. I hate waking up as ano I'm guna feel exactly the same. My feel always cold and sweaty and hands then a feel hot a go mad. So restless always shaking my feet constantly it's like I've cracked up. Get headaches all time. X

I know exactly what that feels like. I stayed in bed for 5 days straight once, didn't brush my teeth or take showers. I literally got up only to eat occasionally and to go to work, which was extremely hard to do. You are acknowledging something is wrong and you are seeking help, and that is a step in the right direction geo ☺️ you should give yourself some credit for that if you haven’t already. It’ll be okay.

Thank you. I get up to go toilet or a quick wash that's it x

You’re welcome! Call first thing in the morning geo, it’ll be okay, may not seem like it now but it will. I used to hate when people would say that to me btw, but now looking back, they were right. Remember tomorrow is another day

Sure is but every day is the same it's constant morning till night. I'm sick of not thinking of other things it's just health things. My therapist is no good either x

You probably should switch to another therapist if the one you currently have is not helping much

I’m not really sure what it is that’s got you thinking so much but talking about it surely helps, and if you think your therapist is not helping, then that’s a problem.

I never shit up about it. Just consy health etc. Diabetes on I drive mam insane am never of Google x

Don’t feel bad, you are not alone, I’m just like that too, drives my husband crazy. He actually told me I was banned from using google once lol I think it’s just the times we live in today, information is easily accessible to us now so it’s easy for us to become google doctors. Just be careful because not all information online is reliable. It’s always best to see an actual doc if you have concerns. It’s easy for some stuff on the internet to drive you nuts while it may not even be accurate. It’ll scare you for no good reason, So always just see an actually doc if you can :)

Like you, I had something once that I couldn’t stop thinking about btw, I felt haunted, and I felt I was going crazy, and who knows I probably was for all I know. What helped was finding someone that I trusted to talk about it, it also helped that this person later became my husband lol

But anyways I wish you the best of luck

My partner does to much for me he's to soft with me lol. Beautiful story haha. Thanks take care x

Sounds like a good partner :) you take care as well

If only o cy think different and stop thinking of been dizzy a think I make it worse people say if you think of it will happen. It's like I rush everything now aswell can't take my time as a go in a panic x

Hi how are you feeling now you haven't been on here for a while hope your alright x

Hi. My anxiety is with me almost all the time. My first panic attack was in kindergarten. It’s horrific. I was on a benzodiazepine for anxiety but my doctor recently took me off cold turkey due to complications with other medications I’m on. So my panic attacks and anxiety are in full force. I have no choice but to practice the many tools I’ve been taught to cope and calm down. There are many grounding techniques I use like going for a walk, feeling the grass under my feet and sun shining down warming my skin. Anything to keep me where my feet are and bring me back to my reality. I also found an amazing herbal tea that works. It’s lavendar, chamomile and cat nip. The catnip puts me sleep but it helps calm me down. Look up some grounding techniques that may work for you. Just a suggestion from someone with severe panic disorder. I wish you well.

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