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Depression Medications

Hello.. Just barely made an account and thought I'd post a question with a concern I've had for a while.

I've had depression for a long time, it only started getting severe about my second year of middle school. And now it's gotten worse.

So, I know for a fact that since it's so bad and it's been hanging around for so long, seeing a doctor I feel will put me on a medication. Since I tried therapy and anxiety got me out of it.

I've suggested seeing a doctor to my mother, but I don't think we have the spare money for it, and we just never got around to doing anything about it. But tonight's one of those night's so..

Of course if worse comes to worse I will scrounge up my money and pay for it myself or something.. Because it's gotten bad.. And I want the pain to stop.

So here's my concern, a lot of what I have heard about depression medications is that you can get addicted and feel like it's the only thing making you happy, or you won't be able to get off of them.. Just a lot of things that I don't know if I want to handle, not to mention once you start it becomes a thing that follows you, you have to start writing you're on a medication and stuff and I just don't know. I guess I'd just like some advice on this topic or some reliable information. Thanks

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You take an antidepressant if you're depressed, just as you would take an antibiotic if you have an infection. It's not something "extra" you take if there's extra money around. You need it if you're depressed because depression can be a very serious health problem. You don't keep taking it if you don't need it. Does this make sense to you? Antidepressants aren't addicting. If you think you no longer need them, you taper off them according to your doctor's instructions. If you have health insurance they should be covered by that. Counseling may also be covered and is recommended in conjunction with an antidepressant.

I would reveal the minimum amount of information about my medicine to the school or job where I went. It's good that they have a record of any drugs you are on, but you should have a record of that in your wallet anyway. School and work records should always be confidential. If they are abused, I would bring that up to the powers that be in that facility and make sure that is stopped immediately. Enlist the help of an adult to do this. But don't let this worry stop you from getting treated for depression or anything that you need to be treated for to feel better.

You have a right to receive needed treatment and to be respected and have your medicines be confidential. You also have the right to feel your best and your healthiest. Don't accept anything less if you can help it.


Thank you so much for your reply SueSz. Your response helped a lot and I will take your words into consideration, this helped ease a lot of nerves I had about this. Thank you again!

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You're very welcome. I wish you good health!


Dear Bluebird,

I'm sorry you are feeling so crappy but I want you to know that you don't have to feel like this! Going to a psychiatrist, that is the one you would get medications from. And a therapist or a psychologist, that is the one you talk to. I feel both are necessary to help you feel as best as you can be.

I don't know if your family has medical insurance or not but if you don't have it and you do need it to see these doctors to help you get better, you would be eligible for state insurance or medical assistance ( that is if your family has a low income and there is nothing wrong with that either)

Talk to your Mum or your Dad and tell them how you are feeling and that you want to feel better, because it is possible to feel good again. You do not become addicted to the medication at all, some people will take it forever and some will only need it for a period of time.There is no real way to know that you will not need it any longer until you are feeling better from the medicine and you decide to taper off of it with your doctor's assistance. If when you are totally off of the meds and you feel good then I would think at that point in time you would not need to take them any longer but I'm no doctor. Some friends of mine have tried to go without taking them and it worked out great but others needed to go back on them and that's OK! There is no shame in needing antidepressants or antianxiety medication, hey if it helps you feel good and enjoy your life then that's what is all about!!

I will say a prayer for you and you talk to your parents or any adult that can help you with this. It is very important and something you definitely should NOT ignore. I know you want to feel better and give you a lot of credit for speaking up about your feelings, lots of people are afraid or don't want to burden their loved ones with this. Me, being a parent and if my child confided in me the feelings you've expressed here, I would be very proud of them and take them to a doctor to get help.

Don't worry about what meds they will put you on or any of that stuff until they decide or even if they decide you could benefit from them. All of that will be explained, out it should be, so make sure you ask how it will help you and what you should expect to feel along with any side effects you may feel. Those are very important to know! A lot of the meds have side effects that go away very quickly as your body adjusts to the medication. Make sure your doctor explains that to you too.

You never know though... You may only need to go speak with a therapist. But you won't know unless you go and see a doctor and it's really not bad at all, I actually enjoy seeing mine.

Good luck to you and remember to always ask questions about your medicine and to keep a list of them and why you take them. Educating yourself about your medication makes you all the more ahead of the game! 😊

You will do good and feel better! The most important thing is being honest with Yourself and your doctor. If you don't tell them everything that's bothering you then they won't be able to help you the best way they can, okay? Promise me that and then you will be doing the best that you can!

Take care and please come back and update us when you do go to the doctor.


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