I'm new on here and I'm not even sure if it's going to help. I'm only 19. And I wake up everyday feeling suffocated by my anxiety and depression. I used to cry a lot about it. But now I'm numb. I feel like I'm constantly trying and trying to be better. To find things that make my anxiety and depression feel less abundant. I try to talk to my friends, my boyfriend, my family. I try to figure out what's wrong with me. I ask them and myself everyday why I am the way I am. My mom thinks I should talk to a doctor. I'm not sure what happens from there. So I haven't reached out. Because I feel like it's so much work for something that may not help. I feel convinced by others that I'm the reason I'm so depressed and so anxious all the time. I'm lost and I dont know if I'll ever be found.. I've been like this since I was 13. At that age you think it's just a teenage phase and it will go away. It's been 6 years and it hasn't faded, it's gotten worse. I'm feeling more hope less than ever.

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  • Hey, I'm also 19 years old and going through depression and also social anxiety. I've also had it since a very young age so I can relate. With that said I think speaking to a doctor can help you. It may seem like a lot of effort to do so but it can be rewarding. Mental illness is serious and it is a medical condition so it is perfectly reasonable to go to a doctor for help. its important to note that there isn't an easy fix for depression and it's going to take a lot of work but that's okay because you are not alone in anyway. Maybe your doctor can speak to you about antidepressants or even recommend going to therapy. Don't stop fighting, I believe in you!

  • You aren't hopeless, that's just a result of the depression. You need to see a psychiatrist and get on an antidepressant pronto. You can feel better in as soon as 4-6 weeks. Ask around and have your Mom ask around for a good psychiatrist. You don't want a mediocre one and you want a good one who'll pick the right drug for you the 1st time around. Don't bother with a GP or internist. They aren't trained like a psychiatrist to diagnose correctly and to manage meds correctly. You don't have to live like you have been since you were 13. Get your life back now!


  • Omg i go through the exactly same. Am scared that am gonna dye, i cant take it anymore im terrified if a have something wrong with my brain.

  • You do have something medically wrong with your brain that can be helped with medicine, just like other parts of your body. You need the appropriate doctor just like other parts of your body. You need a brain doctor, a psychiatrist. You also would benefit from a good counselor who is trained to guide you through this process of being treated with a brain illness. Please ask around for a good psychiatrist and a good counselor and get appointments with both asap. You can start to feel better in a few weeks. Wouldn't that be better than continuing to feel like you do now?

    I used to feel crummy like you do but now I'm just fine because I'm on medicine for my depression and anxiety. I feel very good and can function just fine! You can, too. No more feeling hopeless and sad, no more feeling like I don't want to get up in the morning and get ready to go anywhere. I'm up and out of the house and ready for the world every day. I feel GOOD! And you can, too!!

  • Hi Kerry and Struggl!

    First of all: you're not alone, I got the same crappy thing (or similar..,whatever...words...details....)

    Maybe look at it this way: go see a doctor and see what he/she says, just to be sure. You can always not agree, you see. And just ignore it. You're the boss. There's little to lose.

    I waited a very long time to see someone and I got sent away again several times....but finally, when it was bad enough, somebody listened (and I listened to them) and it made a huge difference! I was very skeptical, but I'm so happy now that I did go talk to a doctor (I went to some kind of mental health thing at my university, I'm a graduate student). It seems likea big deal, but it really isn't. This is what those people do for a living.

    They advised me to go on meds and I really didn't want to (I had friends who had all kinds of negative experiences, they told me) but once I caved and they got me on meds it really cleared the heavy clouds from my mind. Like a miracle.....the clouds opened up. Of course it's still a struggle to maintain a somewhat balanced inner (and outer) life but at least I'm no longer stuck in a negative spiral of thoughts that's holding me down constantly. I see a therapist every once in a while in order to get my daily life straightened out where it needs to be straightened out.

    The thing is also, looking at it purely pragmatically: you may have a problem, that's not great to find out but you can't make it go away by ignoring the sooner you find out the better. Or, maybe you don't have a serious problem and then you'll feel really relieved to hear a doctor say that and then you can stop worrying so you'll feel better. You see, there's nothing to lose really by looking into it.

    All the best!

  • Psychiatrist are also medical doctors. You could skip a gp and get a faster result.

  • Remember that your anxiety and depression are the result of a chemical imbalance in your brain- it is not your fault! I recently learned that wondering why this happens to me does not help the situation. Instead, I have accepted that I have anxiety and depression and am choosing to take control of it (this attitude may be helpful for you). When you are in an anxious and depressed state it does seem like a lot of work to seek professional help, however it is so very worth it!! It is something you need to actively work at to get better. Finding a doctor, starting medication, and beginning psychotherapy are great first steps. Also try to find coping mechanisms that work for you. There are many print and online resources for ways to cope with anxiety and depression. Hope this helps! Remember you are not alone and you can take control of your anxiety!

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