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Strength to Find a Therapist

I am new here. I am currently looking for a new therapist. It has been a year since I stopped going. I am underemployed and have no health insurance. I have been generously offered help with paying for therapy, but I'm finding it is draining me of all of my strength as I continually reach out to someone for suggestions only to be confronted with dead air. I have always taken care of everyone else, and I'm struggling to take care of myself. I am feeling overwhelmed with all that I have no control over and hopeless that things will ever change. I am tired of quips from people who have had sad times, but don't understand all of the baggage that I carry and how much energy it takes to do most everything. Just looking for some understanding for how difficult finding a therapist is when you are struggling.

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Are you able to get Medicaid? If you make under a certain amount you may qualify. There are also places that have sliding scales. It's important for you to find a therapist


Agree with Ddorne. You could possibly qualify for Medicaid. What state do you live in? Yep, I know what you mean about people who don't really understand what we go through. My boyfriend thinks I can just "stop being anxious". I remember my mother when I was young saying, "stop being nervous". As we all know, that is impossible ... to just "stop being anxious". Also I understand about it being difficult to find a therapist - because even if you have insurance, it is still hard to find a therapist who truly can work with you on your specific needs. I have fired many a therapist in my years of going to therapy. I only one way back when I was in college who could keep me on task during a therapy session. Most of my therapist are not able to get back to what we need to be working on because I tend to just talk and tell her about things that are happening in my life and I tend to be funny so she laughs a lot. Doesn't sound much like a real therapy session, does it. LOL ... although laughter they say is the best medicine. But, I would really like to dig deep and really get to the root causes of many of maladies. I live in rural Vermont so it is even harder to really find a good therapist although I do like the one I have now. I just have to make sure she knows I have to start seriously working on some issues. Please do find out about medicaid in your state. If you are underemployed, I bet you qualify.


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