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Good Day and I am new to the group. I have been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks for almost 12 years. Symptoms started when my kids were born (perfect timing!). Recently quit job after four years to be home for my kids now and looking for part time work. One of the big reasons I quit my job was because of my boss who was very intense, direct, and lived the job. Always texted and emailed me on my personal phone. I started getting a panic attack yesterday as I started my job search and it hit me that I was unemployed. I have more good days than bad days and this is a good thing. It is a daily battle and now my daughter has been diagnosed with depression and anxiety.

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What a downer to hear that your daughter has depression and anxiety also! I'm sorry about this. Unfortunately there's often a genetic component to these problems. My parents and other relatives have these problems and so do my sons. I have both depression and anxiety myself but they are under control. At least you have some experience with this to help your daughter out and to understand her.

Are you being treated for your anxiety? You need a good psychiatrist and a good counselor to reduce your anxiety to reasonable levels. The panic attack tells you all is not well and you could use some more of the right help. I'm glad you have more good days than bad days, but it appears your job search may not go well without further treatment or counseling. I hope I'm wrong and I don't think I'm telling you anything you haven't already thought about. Please get more help with your anxiety and panic attacks so you can function better.


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Hi SueSz, thanks for the reply. It is genetic as my mother suffers from various issues. Having my issues has helped my daughter immensely; I actually kept it secret from her as I didn't want her to develop anxiety or panic attacks just by hearing it from me. When her issues manifested, she became very withdrawn so my wife suggested I tell her about my problems. It ended up being for the best as in her own words "someone understands what I am going through."

I do see a therapist and I am managing day by day. Leaving my last job has been a blessing so far as my boss really increased my symptoms. I actually feel great! Only problem is it's hard to find a part time job that has hours around my children's schools.

All the best!


It sounds like you're doing a lot just right and your daughter is fortunate to have you in her corner. I wish you great luck in your job search.

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