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Mourning a lost relationship and more

Today I realized that I am in mourning for the loss of my relationship and friendship with my ex boyfriend. We broke up finally yesterday, but I feel like I have been mourning the loss of love for most of the year. Our break-up was long and drawn out, because I didn't want to let go.

Either way, yesterday's relationship finale has catapulted me into feelings of loss, sadness, tiredness, and weakness. I have been diagnosed with depression recently and that diagnosis was very hard to take in.

Depression can make you feel weak, alone, and betrayed by your own mind. At this point I just want to find balance and participate in this group to help elevate me to a better place.

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Welcome! I'm sorry to hear of your loss of a relationship you treasured and your diagnosis of depression. Because you have a specific event that caused your depression it may be that you'll recover from it down the road in time. Hopefully you have no long term depression due to other causes. Your year of mourning your loss could be the only reason why you're depressed, which is a good and hopeful outlook for the future! Glad you are here!


I am sorry to hear of your pain. My boyfriend broke up with me 6 months ago. It was really tough. I also have depression and it took a big toll on me. I am ok now but I still have a lot of resentment. Take it slow, connect with friends and try to be structured with your time. It'll get better.

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Hi, though I have not lost my boyfriend, he is away for the most part & not as committed as he can I understand the sad feelings & being all alone with the pain your going through. I seen my boyfriend 8 mos but is 2nd try for us since 2014 & still he's not steady boyfriend I'm not sure he will ever be. May I ask u how serious u were, both of u? My guy does not take my love as serious about way I feel I am wanting him here 3-4 days a week but he says he has to drive an hour both ways ,plus never seen his place or met his family tho I asked. I think men are not as inclined to help us out emotionally because they tend to be more into their own needs in some ways & are more scared to stay attached to one partner. I do not know your experience but u say u been depressed awhile so I feel your facing a lot more than what u admit.Was he supportive or distant when u discussed your future & feelings ?I think I got way too attached to men who didn't care about my emotional or mental health or help with things I felt that he should be with me for , like staying overnight or take me shopping, and I thought he be confusing me with other women he be seeing. I'm probably over thinking but then again I'm not aware of his private life. Well if u can tell more details of how he was or wasn't supportive of your emotional health & well being, it help understand more & what u feel brought on your depression.

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