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When it becomes unbearable

I have had anxiety and manic depression for over 15 seems it is worse when things are going as planned in life. I'm at a point right now it makes me physically ill. I left a 7 yr abusive relationship for someone who changed my life and recently all we do is fight because all I do is accuse him of doing wrong . I feel what I had with him was to go to be true ...I left and then went back and now it's not the same cause he don't trust me to stay...I feel like I'm driving my self crazy and making his life harder but my biggest fear is losing him...I have crazy thoughts of cheating and I have to to control it but I feel I have no control. The problem is i have been off my meds for a couple of years due to lack of insurance and low income...I really need my meds but don't know what to do cause I can't afford treatment...I live in Jacksonville NC ...any suggestions?

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do you know if you qualify for low income insurance plan like Obamacare or medicare?


I am 60 years old and have depression and anxiety. I have had it on and off since I was a teenager. I am on Medicaid and it is wonderful. If you can't afford your meds and you make little money apply for Medicaid. It works well. I have been on it for over ten years and I like my doctors and services. You need your meds and Drs. Look into it.


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