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I'm new here and I don't even really know what to type... I've had anxiety for about 3 or 4 years now and I've always thought about getting meds but I'm unsure if that would help or make it worse.. I'm embarrassed to talk about it.. The thought makes my body get chills.. But I've heard that meds help. I thought I could handle things myself but I'm back to crying everyday and I don't want to get back in my old habits of self harming, I don't understand why I have to feel like way, I feel like I'm crazy and somethings wrong with me. Everyone sees me as the happy girl but in my mind I'm not. I can't stop holding grudges, my attitude is spiraling downwards, I'm researching things to help but it doesn't feel like anything is. I just need some advice from someone who's been through it.

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Hi Alyssawedmore !

I'm new here too. I think joining a support group is one of the best things you can do for yourself. You need to know that others understand what you are going through. I'm here because my daughter is struggling with anxiety. She feels that nobody really understands. When I was a young person (childhood, teens and 20s), I struggled too. I dont think mine was as severe as hers. But, I avoided uncomfortable situations, so I was labeled antisocial and I didn't care.

Anyway, please seek help (therapist, etc). Be good to yourself. You deserve to feel better. I joined the group yesterday, and I learned that wonderful people are ready and willing to chat and share knowledge.

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Sometimes I feel like my problems aren't that bad & im over reacting which is why talking to other people intimidates me. I would love to be able to walk into a support group or even a therapist office but when I think about it, my body freezes and it feels like I can't move

I completely understand the fear of seeing a therapist. I finally went to one about 2 months ago and the entire first session I battled a panic attack. Once I realized that this therapist had heard it all and I was no different than the 1000's of clients before me I was able to relax. Just remember that they are there to help and not there to judge. I now look forward to my sessions each week. Best of luck.

Thank you so much for the advice

Medication can help. Try it and see, you have nothing to lose. I need it. Without it my anxiety can keep me locked in my apartment for weeks at a time. With it, I have more good days. The good days are worth it.

Completely agree! I have had anxiety since childhood. When I finally got on medication after high school I finally realized that it wasn't 'normal' to feel so panicked all the time.

My first memory of childhood anxiety was when I was 9 and I refused to go to school bedause I was afraid of my teacher. But even before that I wouldn't stay over night at a cousins house because I wanted to be home in my own bed with my mommy down the hall. This was well into the years when sleepovrs were the best thing ever to happen for all the other kids.

I believe my anxiety is innate in me. i have always had it. There have been times in my life where I was able to cope better and was not depressed so my life was "normal" but there are those rimes when the depression kicks in and the coping skills are not woeking and the thoughts are spinning so fast rhat I can tell very clearly I need outside assistance. Medicine gets me through. Friendships make me better. Talking and Journaling make me feel less madness.

A fearful childhood leads into a fear-filled adulthood in the blink of an eye.

Completely agree! I'm now watching my 9 year old daughter go down the same path. I want so much more for her!

Get her talking about her fears now with loads of support. Kindness is key. When she is disaplined( I can't spell) make sure she knows it is the action and not her that is to blame. Positive self-talk is never to early to learn. Good luck with her. I wish my parenrs undrstood ,when I was her age.

Hello Alyssawedmore,

I'm sorry you feel like this. You sound like you are having a tough time at the moment.

3-4 yrs is a long time to have felt this way; you must be exhausted too.

I will say, please don't be embarrassed about how you feel. It is a great thing coming on here. Have you ever talked to a GP/ doctor about this?

I really would try and get to your GP. You don't have to carry on feeling like this.

Does anyone know about your previous self harming? Family/GP?

Don't be scared of the doctor. They're there to help you, it's their job.

Maybe counselling or cognitive behavioural therapy would be an idea? Would you consider those?

Have you thought about taking medication? It can really help. I am on tablets for my depression and anxiety. I tried to fight mine for about 6 months, then had a worst day ever and though to myself 'I need to see my GP, this is out of hand'. I was glad I did.

Accepting we need help can be the first and most important step to recovery.

Keep us informed on how you get on.

Clazzy ❤️

The only person who knows about it is my mom, and it would break her heart to know that the thought was crossing my mind. I haven't really talked to my doctor about it but I've been thinking about it. I know a few people who take medicine for their anxiety and they said it really helps but if I forget to take it one day it'll really mess with my mind. I am exhausted... there's days when I don't want to go on, but I do, and it's so hard, its so freaking hard to feel this way and have these thoughts.

It is hard. But I think you're right about seeing a doctor.

It will get easier but one day at a time.

Check in with the doc and take it from there. Be honest with the doc and tell them what you've told us.


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My daughter has only revealed her anxiety issue to immediate family. I am the only family member that she talks to on a daily basis. You should talk to your mom about your feelings and experiences. Yes, it will hurt to know that her baby is hurting, struggling (I know from experience). But, give her a chance to help you. If she can't do it, find someone else. Find the courage to say or even write it..whatever it takes.

Are you real close to your mom? If you are, Talk to her. Moral support is good n with her help you can find the help you need! I too have been suffering with panic attacks for over 30 yrs . When I had my first panic attack n was taken to the hospital, They never told me I was having a panic attack

!! I Read Read books at the library n have learned So Much

About the causes n etc.

I think You should go to a dr. N they will refer you to a psychiatrist or psychologist!

TALK, TALK ! I have been on

Medications since then. BUT MY ATTACKS ARE BEACAUSE


Not the same as You, But Medication can be a TEMPORARY SOLUTION UNTIL YOU FIND THE CAUSE !!

Let me tell you from experience: the meds HELP. They can get you to that baseline point where you're at least able to semi-function again. Oftentimes, it takes working with a therapist or looking into other resources (if you're broke like me) like books and places like this to help sort out the rest. But the meds help.

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