Well here it goes...I joined this group hoping to find people I can talk to when times are tough. I can't really talk to anyone because even my own family don't get me and they go telling other people my problems. I wish I just had someone to talk to that wouldn't judge or go blabbing their mouths to people. I'm a 26 year old, mom of a 3 year old, who works full-time and is constantly busy. I love my son soooo much and without him idk if I would still be here. So when i get really depressed and just want to be in bed all day... I need someone to talk to to get me out of the slumps because I have my 3 year old to tend to and I feel horrible making him play by himself just because I'm sad. But those times are so hard that idk what to do. I even yell at him for no reason then feel horrible about it after. He deserves a happy mom who gives him the world. People around me don't really know I have depression because I hide it as much as I can. I also want to be in this group to help others like me because no one should go through being sad alone. Everyone is special and shouldn't feel worthless. Even when everything is going wrong around you.

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  • You have definitely come to the right place and by the time everyone sees this you will have alot of offers of people willing to talk to you! Me included! Its really good that you have a son and that you understand that you need to try and be happy for him and not just fake happy, real happy, and its also good that you want to be and that you want to stick around for him!

    Feel free to message me anytime!

  • I know the feeling I had 2 lil ones it's very hard.and it feels like your all alone,well your not.it's hard but u can do it your son won't sit u and watch cartoons. have u ever tried saint johns warts. any meds u take u have to give it alittle time there's alot of things otc you can get now.my Dr told me to color,keep a journal it helps because it keeps your mind busy take your son to the park,just try and stay busy .we're all here

  • What kind of journal

  • I can relate to all that you have stated and my suggestion is to look consider all that you have stated and see the depression as a way of clearing your mind. When I had my only son it was a bit traumatic and I was alone, something I had not planned to be, single parent, not at all. Each day I found ways to find joy through the eyes, touch, smell and sounds that my beautiful son shared with me as I introduced him step by step into the world around him. As I look back on those times, now 22 years later I find a sense of peacefulness in spite of the tough times we lived through. Look joy comes in so many ways, seek the simplest ones first and embrace them with enthusiasm and respect for life. There are not promises just faith that you will select what is right for you and your beautiful son. The wrongs are meant to be lessons, have some fun with it all.

  • I don't know for sure but I think anyone who says they have never sat their child in front of the TV or never yelled at them and felt bad afterwards is probably not being honest. Whatever you do please don't feel bad about that. I was a young mother alone so I can relate a bit to that. Having said that now that my daughter is grown I miss those times when she was little. I think that you would be doing yourself a favor to get up and play with him a bit no matter how you feel and in a little while you will feel so much better it will make you happy, at least for those short times when you can shut out the world and it's just you and him. My theory is that as long as you honestly want to be a good parent to your child, and I'm hearing that you do, you will do fine.

  • Thanks everyone! I didn't think I'd get any responses and especially not so many! :) it really helps knowing there are people who can relate and are there for me to talk to. I will keep all the things you guys said in mind when I'm having a bad day.

  • I agree. Are you on meds and therapy ?Please talk as much as you need to.

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