Panic and depression

Ive been suffering from panic attacks and anxiety for about 5 years. I recently got off my lexapro and have entered a manic state. I'm constantly in panic mode and its making life impossible. I was rushed in an ambulance last week because of a panic attack. And it wasn't the first time. I need help, advice, people to talk to going through the same thing. I feel like I am falling into a depression.

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  • I have had to go to. It can be scary when we cant breathe, think straight, and everything closes in. I have attacks and OCD. Are you in any meds you can take to help? Wishing you start to feel better and find happy days.

  • I got off my medications. The only thing I have when I have a really bad attack is Xanax. I want to go holistic with this. Its just so expensive and I have 5 rescue animals to feed and a house. My fiance and I are supposed to be getting married next September and we are broke and dealing with my panic disorder.

  • So sorry, I completely understand . I kinda feel like we just get overlooked . I don't think doctors take panic attacks serious, and I know it feels like we are dying. I'm also in a depressed/ panicky mood. My doctor said that the solar eclipse would make me worse!!! Has anyone else been told that?

    I hope you get to feeling better, your not alone

  • Thank you that means a lot. And yes we do get overlooked. They don't understand what its really like. Being afraid to go sleep, feeling like your dying and your head convincing you that you are. As scared of death as I am it makes it hard to want to live. They just don't get it

  • Do any of you all have any physical symptoms??

  • Do you get palpitations???

  • Yes palpitations are very common. We don't actually get them it just feels that way. Along with chest pains amd burning sensations. Its the adrenaline being released in your body even though there is no real danger. Even when it feels like your dying. Our minds create these symptoms and they become real

  • I get them even when I am completely calm and not stressing over anything

  • I also get full-blown Anxiety attack out of nowhere

  • I mean you should always get tests done to make sure it is nothing medical. But if you suffer from anxiety they come on suddenly that's what attacks are. And it is scary and horrible and feels like you are having a heart attack and going to pass out. It varies person to person but most symptoms are the same.

  • Xanax is all I take too, just a few. My rheumatologist is away of what it does to us and is supportive. It helped when he said he would need them if he went thru stuff too. I always look at that and it helps me get thru many difficult times. I have gotten less attacks by moving away from people that stressed me out. I do not have my own car making me isolated most of time but my hubby is supportive and does what he can. He has anxiety too so we try together, not easy. 🦁 julie

  • Hi mkm212 how long ago did you get off lexapro? Did you get off it for that one reason- that you want to go holistic now? Hopefully it is withdrawal that will just be for a few weeks.I got off my antidepressants a couple years ago, but because somehow it was starting to affect me badly. I suffer but now I've developed a fear of meds, so only take klonopin as needed for panic attacks. Keep a journal of episodes, I try to track what i eat , watch, do, etc to see if there are patterns so I can prevent anxiety attacks. it does come out of the blue at times but i try to just not stress myself too much, bc anything that raises adrenaline/cortisol too much, can bring on the panic. It is so scary and few understand. I pray you feel better

  • Can you tell me your full body symptoms I feel like I have symptoms even when I'm not having a Anxiety attack

  • Hi mkm212,

    I'm sorry you're having such a hard time. Anxiety and depression are often co-diagnosed and can feed each other. We begin to worry and feel helpless, that helplessness feeds our depression, we continue to try to find solutions to our worries which feeds our anxiety, and our continued feeling of helplessness continues to feed our depression, and on and on forever. The only thing I have found is to break the cycle. Right now I am in a similar position and trying to do this.

    Have you tried any therapy or strategies to fight your panic attacks?

  • A mix of wrong drugs can elevate this. I am anxious and was given Haldog and Gabopentin together. The mix caused extreme mania then symptoms of Skitzo.... turned me crazy until they figured out bad drug combo. Just saying it could be adverse effects of drugs

  • I'm sorry you're going through this. I also suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. Sometimes I wonder how much my depression is caused my lack of quality of life due to the panic attacks. Talk to your doctor. Don't wait until it gets too bad to handle. I'm sorry I don't have profound advice but just know you're not alone.

  • Sorry you're having a tough time. If you can see your doc re the panic/anxiety it might help avoid the depression. i hope you get some help from your doc. I have a friend who found hypnotherapy helped her a lot with anxiety. Wishing you well x

  • Pray and meditate. It will take a lot of time. I have been dealing with my anxiety for 3 years now. It will get better just very slowly.

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