Advanced Prostate Cancer
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Just started Xtandi

Just started Xtandi

First diagnosed with PC in October 2007 aged 63. Had robotic surgery to remove prostate in Jan 2008.

Gleason 7 (4+3) 3 months after op my psa was .5 then went on trial of 6 doses of chemo. This knocked psa down to .1. PSA then started to creep up after six months then had radiation. Since then have been on Lupron, Casodex, Avodart, Estrodot patches and Metaformin. In last six months psa started to rise and last test was 2.8. Had MRI which showed two lymph nodes in my groin were enlarged.

So my oncologist has put me on Xtandi combined with Lupron, I have been taking it for the last two weeks and will have blood test in two weeks to see if it is working.

Side effects so far is some brain fog and tiredness.

I,m hoping I can get a few years out of Xtandi then maybe something else will be available.

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That is my hope also. That I can hang on long enough for better treatments (perhaps a cure for metastatic) to be found. In the meantime hope you are enjoying life!


If you have nodes in MRI perhaps you could discuss with your doctor to do Ga 68 PSMA PET/CT or similar study to evaluate with better precision your whole body.

If the cancer is PSMA positive it can be treated with Lu 177 PSMA which is a nuclear medicine therapy developed in Europe mainly in Germany and very effective in some patients with metastatic disease. The treatment is available in several countries including US using clinical trials. In Germany they could accept patients with hormone sensitive metastatic PC.

There are at least 3 clinical trials going on for castration resistant metastatic prostate cancer.

Please search for Prostate cancer and Lutetium 177 at

The first things is to determine if the mestastasis are PSMA positive.

A Gallium 68 PSMA PET/CT will identify metastasis is they are PSMA positive with a PSA of 0.2 or more. There is an ongoing study a UCLA and in other centers for Ga 68 PSMA PET/CT:

Please do a search for prostate cancer and Ga 68 PSMA at

My treatment was in 2016. I had metastasis in the lymph nodes in the pelvis and abdomen . After 1 treatment the metastasis were gone.

The treatment can kills cancer cells castration resistant and hormone sensitive in the bones or in soft tissues. Very well scientifically documented treatment.

Anything please let me know.



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