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Introducing Parkwalk at Parkrun for October

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A couple of posts on the C25k forum caught my eye this evening, with Oldfloss and @chinkoflight posting about this Parkrun initiative at

And the original announcement on the Parkrun website is here:

Now the article sounds immensely inviting to all who might want to try walking at the Parkruns! I’ve thought about this before, as my slow-joggle is so slow that I wonder if I’d feel less self-conscious if I simply walked my first parkrun! Yes, I have to admit, even though running for more than 2 years, I have never done a real parkrun. 🤫

I love the concept (free, run by volunteers, everyone is valued, not as competitive but still timed), and I have a registered number, tag, and armband all ready for that first time. But I’ve not yet dared! 😱

I’ve also played with the idea of Nordic Walking walking the Parkrun. 🥾

So this October’s campaign might just be that little nudge I need to get me out there on a Parkwalk!

So who’s with me in trying at least once during October to use one of the Parkrun events to do a Parkwalk?

5 Replies
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I would If I could but work on a Saturday and nearest parkrun 30 miles away the one I would go to. Love the idea of the Parkwalk thoughx

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CBDBAdministrator in reply to Doris8

😕 yeah, I’m also dreaming of a closer Parkrun. I have to drive 30-35 min before finding a car park and then walking to the start. That means 45 min before any start.

On the other end, when I go for my usual run, I just step outside our front door in one minute. So that has always seemed so much more practical.

But I also love the idea of a ParkWalk!

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Doris8 in reply to CBDB

there is one closer but don’t fancy that one , this one 30 miles away more flatter, but working every sat. Will stick to as u say out the front door walking, Yes like the idea of Parkwalk as well

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Thanks for sharing this! I might give it a go.

I've worked up to running 5k on a treadmill before, but transitioning to outdoors is too different and Parkrun has always seemed a bit intimidating as a result. I'm glad to see they're trying to remove sone barriers :)

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CBDBAdministrator in reply to Cooper27

me too! Fab!

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