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Time for a TV and a few cold ones watching the football


United V Liverpool and the whatever it’s called this year cup final beckons this afternoon, so I needed an active morning!

8am, one mile tempo run, and a 9 minute/mile pace target, so I figured I’d replace it with a 10 minute run at that pace to nail my training run and the first active 10. Absolutely freezing, hands suffered. Defrosted in the car. Combat pants back on, jacket on.

8:30 junior Parkrun setup, kids arriving, lots of kids today on a beautiful morning.

9:00 and I’m the tail walker... and I got my wish that the slowest kid did enough running for all 2k to qualify as brisk walking. At 1k my jacket had to come off... it’s very warm out there now.

10:00 back home... checked the app. 87 minutes walking, 33 brisk, 3 active 10s... job done!

Think I’ve earned my lazy afternoon.

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It won't be lazy if you want a particular team to win! 😁

Enjoy your 'rest'

😸 Katnap 😸

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I did read recently that kids who are exposed to expletives have a bigger vocabulary and do better in English...

So little miss UMN should be a literary genius... you’re right, watching the game is never passive... even if I start the game not caring who wins 😂😂


Way to go, UnfitNoMore!

Hope you enjoyed the football UNM - you deserve it after your active morning 😊

🤔 it was ok all things considered!

Now to work on hydration tomorrow, I think I’ll be starting way down!

You are busy! I love tailwalking at parkrun. Congratulations on some monster efforts.

Busier today... 7k run walk including tailwalking... 1300ft elevation gain on the parkrun... nailed the 3 active 10s and I assume a couple more, it’s a shame the app doesn’t award more after the goal!

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