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Hello Active 10-ers!

I'm Saffron and I work for Public Health England's health marketing team - responsible for One You and its apps, including Active 10! We're currently looking to hear from some of you for some new content we'll be producing. If the below sounds like you, please get in touch!

Has Active 10 helped you to feel fitter and healthier? Has it helped to improve your mood or perhaps a health condition? Have you since made regular walks a part of your lifestyle?

We’d love you hear from you! We’re looking people who would be willing to share their success story (with a chance to be featured in the media!) to inspire others to do the same.

If you’re interested, send us your story to with the subject line "My Active 10 story".

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I love the Active 10 app but since there was a glitch with Google it has not recorded any steps. Can you advise? Also regret loosing the graph. With the new format the layout is poor to be honest. It’s very frustrating doing all the walking and not seeing the fruit of your labours. Will reinstall app in April as Google has said there are changes coming with Google end of March. Please look into glitches as many have said the app isn’t working now. I still walk though and have lost 16lbs in weight. So that’s good. Please advise on app as I do want to use it in the future. Even put it in my pocket and still nothing is recorded. Very disappointing.

in reply to MaggieMirth

Hi MaggieMirth, firstly congrats on your achievements and I'm glad you're enjoying using the app!

Sorry to hear it's not working as it should be however. Could you send an email to with your device and model so it can be logged with our dev team?

Also please keep an eye out for any updates to the app which may fix this issue!

Thanks. Will do so.

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