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Keep going in December - how are you doing?


Have you got a plan to keep your fitness levels up over December this year. For some it is the cold, dark and rain that keeps us indoors, for some it is too many late nights and feeling shattered the next day.

Or Is it the chance to have some little treats and not worry too much about the Waistline that gets you out the door, or do you need a little Me time when the house is full.

This is time of year there are so many reasons to stay in and still so many reasons to go out.

So the challenge is set your self a plan that works for you and try to stick to it.

December 1- 3rd write your plan down and post it on here. You know once it is in writing it matters 😀

( make the plan achievable for you, don’t stretch your self too much and take into consideration everything that is going on)

It could be:-

I will try to step out the door 2-3 times a week no matter for how long

I will try to go for at least a 10 min walk ....... times a week.

I will go for a long walk ....... a week

Every week I will put a catch up post. So we can all say how we are doing.

Catch up Posts dates.

4th to the 10th December

11th to the 17th December

18th to the 24th December

25th to 31st December.

Let’s all keep our fitness levels up through December and go into the New Year knowing we are all still motivated

If your injured or ill take care of yourself and only do what you can, just being mindful of what your body needs is a great thing for your general well being and obviously you can join this challenge any time so even if you come In the last week of December asking to join you are still welcome.

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I've had a good week for walking. I fit in a couple of extra walks that I hadn't planned for, and met up on a couple of occasions for a gentle putter with a friend which is easier on the head than a busy restaurant or coffee shop. So pretty pleased with myself. Happy walking this week folks.


I'm away visiting family till after Christmas - I'm getting lots of exercise playing with the grandchildren! Lol! But I'm walking to the paper shop every morning - there and back it's about 1500 steps. I'm happy with that, it will keep me ticking over till I return home.

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No kidding! Kids have boundless energy. It will be nice to walk in a different location for a bit, walking while away from home is one of our favourite things about road trips.

Hi went for the walk as I said this morning and again the app failed to work the phone I have is a Samsung S3 neo android.

Hi there I have been given this link for problems with the app. If you have time could you please let them know there is an issue. In the interim I am working on a printable sheet to keep up with the active 10 without a phone, I should have that sorted soon.

Message sent

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