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Active 10 app Unreliable

I'm new here and have a problem with this App. I was using the Active 10 app on my phone but I have found it to be very unreliable. Some days it simply doesn't start and then I have no idea how much I have done and an incomplete record of the week. It is quite important that every time I use it I have the record as I have physical difficulties and need to walk a reasonable amount. Any thoughts folks?

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That's a shame that it's not working smoothly. There's a pinned post on the side to send your issues to the developers, hopefully they can sort it out.

In the meantime, for your purposes, do you need to track the intensity? Or the steps/distance? Do you track all day long? I wear a Garmin product which I bought for running, and it tracks my steps per day so that is how I measure my daily activity. It also has the option to track longer walks separately if I choose. It keeps everything on the Garmin website for me to look back on. I know a lot of colleagues use a Fitbit for walking and seem to enjoy it. My partner used GoogleFit on the phone for quite some time, the only problem there is you don't carry the phone around all day, so it was missing lots of little steps. Depends what your specific needs are but I'm sure we can come up with a solution.


I was attracted to this app because it measured increased intensity. To be honest I don't think I need any of these apps anymore. I sort of know how much I walk and how vigorously. And its very annoying when an app you get interested in simply isn't reliable. Thanks for your reply.


I am so sorry, I know they are working on this but it dosent help you right now. Are you looking for a step counter or the increased activity side of the app. When I started I used this app if that’s any help just to tide you over.



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