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Hello, I read a lot in my communities as it's really helpful, but i don't usually post. I thought I would post as I have noticed something inspiring today. I have managed to do 441 minutes of walking with over half of it briskly. I didn't realise that I had done so much and was disheartened in the beggining when I couldn't manage walking 10 minutes a day briskly. This app has opened my eyes - I may walk but walking briskly is getting me fitter every month.

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And March is only half way through so you're doing brilliantly. I've been along that same path, thinking "I can't walk that fast" but it's good when you do get there. Active 10 really does make you speed up a bit doesn't it?

Lalabee15 in reply to slipstick

Thank you - I didn't even realise there's still time to accumulate even more😊


That's amazing!!!!!

Well done, and thank you so much for sharing this xxx

Lalabee15 in reply to roseabi

Thank you, I am pleased I have shared, if at least for one person 😊

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Lalabee15

'Tis a bit quiet around here, sorry about that! xxx

Nice! Welll done! 👏👟👍🏽👞🙌🥾🎉

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