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First use of Active 10 App


I am doing re-hab after surgery, and slowly building up my walking (not going far) to help myself get better. Today for the first time I tried out the Active 10 app. Even on my short little walk around the corner and back again, I did 23 mins of walking 12 of which were brisk! Very satisfying to see I did quite well when I wasn't even trying.

In my normal life I have a long walk to the station to work, and probably walk a fair bit at work as well, so I will be very interested to see my average daily steps total.

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Well done for getting out there, take it nice and with your rehab.

I will, nothing but sofa time for the rest of the day! I promise!! :-)


Well done Ruby8 - that's terrific! And 23 minutes of walking during surgery rehab is really good - taking it slow and rebuilding your strength and stamina is definitely the way to go. Get better soon!

Well done on the walk. Hope you feel good tonight and into tomorrow.

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Yes, runswithdogs , I feel fine. We are supposed to go for a short walk each day. I have been for a five minute walk so far today, and might do that again this afternoon.


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