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78 brisk minutes, Wednesday, 28 February

Walked around town. 13,383 steps, 6.3 miles.

Photo today shows drought-tolerant succulents thriving in our garden. We have cut down our water usage substantially over the past four years. Took out the grass from the front lawn in 2014.

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Which country are you in? Most of the timelines are full of snow pictures. Well done one you 13,383 steps.


San Francisco Bay Area, California, US


Ah, that makes the different weather conditions make sense. 😀.


We're shivering here svgeeks! Been snowing all day - I live in a retirement complex and was told not to leave my house today, under any circumstances! Looking at your pic reminds me that spring WILL come again! Well done on the 13000+ steps!


kay50, It will come indeed and you will appreciate it even more than we do. Pretty much every day here is mild, humidity-free, sunny, and bug-free. The negatives are earthquakes and droughts.

When people here say, "isn't in nice today!" my thought usually is, "it is always nice here."


Oh svgeeks - you are truly blessed to live in such a beautiful place!


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