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Nearly 1 month of brisk walks!


Tomorrow I hope to do my 30th walk. I feel happy having completed 29 nine brisk walks ( one a day) . After 3 or for days I began to feel stronger and more focused in my professional life.

I have a health issue and needed naps, but now this need became much less frequent. I owe this for a great deal to this app. There are others of course, but they are much to competitive as far as I am concerned and often also ‘require’ hardware like smart watches etc.

The only ‘problem’ I experience with Active10 is that the app is not releasing the rewards. I got 2 and then nothing came anymore, while the message ‘daily goal smashed’ does appear all the same.

But that is the only ‘issue’ I have and it is well compensated by feeling stronger thanks to walking 10 minutes a day! Makes me wonder how I will feel when I double my daily target?

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We can award you your badges here on the site if you let us know which one you have got. Only one shows up at a time but you get a little grey badge next to your name with your award written on it.

Well done it is a great achievment you have accomplished.

Thank you for offering this possibility, but it is okay with me. I will do my best to continue and I hope to increase my daily walks. 2 should be possible quiet easily, because I can fit it in my professional activities. In the end I would like to atain 3 brisk walks :-)


Hi _Jan_ ! Your story warms my heart - I am so glad that Active 10 has had such a positive effect on your health - as it has mine too! Isn't it just amazing what 10 minutes walking a day can do? Well done on your achievement - 30 days in a row is awesome!

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Than you Kay, for your kind reaction. I hope to make this a fixed part of my daily routine for the rest of my life. Yes, on the one hand, 30 days seems a lot, on the other hand, it is only 10 minutes a day. Basically it is only a matter of really wanting to do it. And I consider myself lucky, because I live just a minute walking from a forest!

I am glad to see that Active 10 had such a positive effect on your life too! It is really amazing, and so simple!


Fantastic to hear this Jan. It sounds like a daily walk is now ensconced in your routine. What a difference a month can make eh? I look forward to hearing what the next month brings, and I'm so glad to hear your are feeling significant benefits. Long may we walk. :)

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Thank you for the support! I will surely report what the future brings!

Wow J 30 days!!! That’s awesome.. I too love the 10 min challenge. So easy to fit in a busy life yet so effective.. good luck for you next 30 days

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