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Laboratory result of today 06/01/2018 ,age 32 male T2 diabetes

FBS- 96mg/dl

Cholesterol- 173 mg/dl

Triglycerides- 120 mg/dl

HbA1c 6%

Creatinine 1.1mg/dl

Let me know dear friends what seem my today's laboratory results although still l haven't discussed with doctor,

My a little concern is about Creatinine level which was 0.9 last year and it has raised to 1.1 what should I do better?

Appreciated your kind advices.

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Hello. You may have posted in the wrong forum. We're mostly a walking and getting active forum.


Then sorry, if you have any comments appreciated


We do not give out medical advice on these forums the best place to discuss the results is with your doctor.


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