My local patch

My local patch

This is a picture of my local nature reserve in West Sussex. My teenage son is hugely into wildlife and particularly enjoys filming it. So this morning, when it was properly snowing, and all the sensible people had gone home, we walked down there and got thoroughly cold, wet and muddy stalking a flock of redwings. What you can't see from this picture is that we are on the edge of a busy town, and this reserve is right by the mainline to London, a few miles from an international airport and next to a busy road. Fortunately it is also five minutes walk from a supermarket with a decent cafe, so we just had to have a coffee. I also run here, but I don't inflict my less than fragrant self on the cafe customers afterwards!

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  • It look beautiful there. :)

  • We are very lucky to have it so close. We regularly see kingfishers, herons, egrets...It is great for a local walk and is really popular with all the dog-owners. I clocked up 5K this morning pottering around.

  • Its great to have it on your door step, getting out and about is one of lifes simple pleasure. Do you go to it often?

  • Yes, it is our destination of choice!

  • we have lakes beside us, its great to just get out there and walk. Even in the rain!

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