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menopause and hormonal breast cancer

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I went to my gp..I luckily got an appointment after several months of waiting a ,as suffering really badly with the menopause. I sweat nearly all day,and night.mucj .worse with anxiety, I can'tlose weight even though I'm.hardly eating ,and seem to put on weight if I drink more water my body holds on to it won't let me wee lots ! My weight is a constant problem..yet when I went to my gp he said we can manage your menopausal symptoms with HRT!! BUT I CANT HAVE THAT AS MY BREAST CANCER WAS HORMONAL!!!! Now he's said oh we will start with a blood test and see where to go from there! I had asked to see an endocrinologist who deals with hormones ,as I tod the gp that mine have gone crazy in menopause.I sweat when I'm hungry.. my body reacts totally wrong to can't sleep...yet he tells me they can manage the symptoms ..with somethingI cant take !!! Yet he won't refer me to an endo a professional who perhaps could really help... im really miserable about all.of this

my womb literally fell out in my late 40s and I'm.nearly 60..and this is driving me nuts.

I ve also got under active thyroid probs and am.a member of that community too.


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You might be able to find a Menopause Specialist or Clinic in your area. Try the following link, be sure to tick the NHS box unless you decide to go private. .

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Thankyou for that link, but most of them are in Harley street, and I am unable to afford their prices, and also I need a refferal from my Gp to any secialaists that work within Guys or St Thomases, but thankyou so much for the thought and the care , and thankyou for replying , much appreciated #

kind regards'

Astro xx

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Your go cannot deny you a referral if you request it. They can argue but if you stick to your guns they are legally required to do it so.

I had hormonal breast cancer too and the evidence for and against hrt for us is confusing and unclear. I spoke with a gynaecologist who advised that she wouldn't have a problem putting me on hrt if I wanted (I don't right now but may change my mind in future) but that was based on my medical history.

I think hrt is now being treated as a magic bullet for menopause and I personally wouldn't be happy to have it prescribed by a GP and would want a gynecologist or a menopause specialist to discuss it with me first.

Stick to your guns and ask for a referral to the right person. Good luck

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Thankyou BlackIsle Girl

It annoyed me as my Gp said we can manage your menopause, here, well clearly they cant , as he said to me that he woudnt suggest giving me HRT, as my breast cancer ( giving it as little importance as i can )was hormonal , but he said he would discuss this further after a blood test, only I kjnow its been hot, but ive had bad sweats for ages, and weight probs , joint probs, not going into all the moans again about how rough i feel , but sometimes my Gp can seem very arrogant for a GENERAL practitioner, i asked to see an endocronologist because they deal with hormones, and he said Im going to need lot more information than just my body is going crazy due to the menopause or he wont be able to refer me !! Surely a General Practitioner, isnt a specialist on the monopause, which is why I asked in the first place ! Yes after my blood test, i will stick to my guns . Thankyou

All the best


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Hi, have you looked into Dr. Louise Newson based in the UK? She has made it her life's mission to research and help menopausal women who don't seem to get proper care from their regular doctors. She takes on new patients, but I don't know the geography of the UK (I'm in the US)and whether this would be feasible for you. She has a website with lots of information as well as an app. This link has info about breast cancer and hrt. I'm not sure if it's helpful or

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Astro16 in reply to KristinCC

Thankyou for replying , had a look at the website, and its mostly about HRT!!! I CANT HAVE THAT !! They speak like HRT IS THE WONDER THING, but they need to do something for women like me who are suffering badly with the menopause, but CANT USE HRT !!!,,We hav a programme over in uk caled THIS MORNING , where thay are talking abot the moenopause, and they even had a man( a celebover here,,Robert Rinder ) wearing an awareness vest where he got hot , similar to when women get hot flushes, he didnt keep it on for long, but they still talk about women being over weight , and most of the stuff they were speaking about the menopause wasnt anything like most of the symptoms, itsstill a massive mystery to most gps !!

thankyou though

Kind regards


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