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Period, going through menopause

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I'm 57 years old, and when I got up this morning I was having a period, I haven't had one in over a year, I did have a show about 18 months ago I went to the doctors , and I had a smear test, and a biopsy, but everything came back normal , and now out of the blue it's come back, I'm really worried about this, so if anyone has any advice, would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you Shellyann

5 Replies
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Hello Shelly Ann,

I remember something like this happening to my mum. I think like you she had scan and tests and was normal. But kept having a period every now and then.

My only advice is to go back to the GP.

It could be a one off but don't ignore it either.

I'm sure everything is normal. But for your peace of mind discuss it with your doc.

I'm sure you'll get some other replies too from women who are at the same time of life and can chat with you about it.

Best wishes 💗

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Thank you 🌹

Poor you, it's very difficult but just grit your teeth and go to the doctor, if there is something wrong you will still be worried but at least you will be able to take steps to minimise the problem.

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Thank you

Hello I am just recovering from a second biopsy after bleeding starting up again after a year or so have just had the Scans to be told my lining of my wo,mb is over 10mm anything up to 4 is fine. Have just had the biopsy to.

Please dont leave it and go back to doctor.

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