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Which doctors advice should I take?


About two weeks ago. I woke up to a very swollen pelvis, difficulty moving, and constipation. I went to my GP who referred me to my OBGYN. I have had a new Pap smear, urinalysis, internal and external ultra sound. On Monday I am having a pelvic CT scan as well as an IV CT scan that my OBG has ordered. My Pap smear came back perfect, as well as my Urinalysis. I went back to my GP while I was waiting for my ultrasound results and she informed me that she thought it might be double hernias. Because the bulge is quite large and the pain. My OBGYN is not of the same impression and said my ultrasound reflects possible enlarged Lymph Nodes. All symptoms are hinting at my body fight something off. It’s all too soon to tell, but I’m utterly confused on who to listen to. GP wants to schedule me with a general surgeon and thinks my OBG has missed diagnosed My hernias for LN. I’m two weeks of pain. I am still working, but I’m afraid I won’t last much longer. And the pain just doesn’t make sense with hernias. I’m trying not to fabricate anything in my head. But I’m not sure which doctor to listen too!

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I'd trust the doctor who has the most information in front of them to be honest. If your OBGYN has scans that don't show a hernia, which your GP didn't have access to back then, they have more information.

I hope Monday helps!

Do you have a history of constipation? Any recent strenuous physical activities? I think it’s too early to talk to a surgeon. Has either doctor done a blood panel?

Ravenmad30 in reply to DanaG214

My job is very physical. I work for Georgia Power, often lift a lot of things. Constipation is common occasionally. And no blood panel yet. Which is kinda concerning but I think the evidence something is wrong is right in front of them so they are just going with it.

DanaG214 in reply to Ravenmad30

It’s obvious something is wrong, but I don’t know that they’ve explored all the options for non-surgery treatment yet. What do you think?

Ravenmad30 in reply to DanaG214

I think the CT scan will tell them everything they need to know. I’m guessing that’s why they didn’t do bloodwork just yet. I should have my results in day or so they said “just depends on the doctor. The medical field is slow moving right now, but I think one way or another I will have answer because both doctors are taking me serious.

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