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Menopause and lotions


okay no one wants to talk about vaginal dryness but i am fed up and want some answers. I am not having issue whilst having sex, yahoo for me, but daily i am irritated with dryness. I am aware of my personal parts all day. I am aware they are not dewy and moist. I am aware of every move i make while i walk, sit or breath. I made an Jobo oil/coconut/oil infused with calenduela. It works great. I am wondering if anyone know the down low on lanolin cream and mucus membranes?

my ques. Does it block pores? Can it interfere with urinary processes? If it can be used on a baby's bottom for diaper rash, I am imagining it could also be used for ladies? My other question is why have doctors always said use sex lub, and not once mentions diaper rash stuff? Not that i am speaking of a and d ointment, or a zinc based cream. Thanks in advance for your time and energy.

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Hi Tobian :-)

Mmm, in today's world you'd think people were open to discussion

on virtually any subject, after all the adverts we see on television.

A few years ago it would have been unthinkable to see Tampons and

Durex advertised.

I've heard of people using yogurt but that was mainly to help with a

yeast irritation.

To try and avoid causing any irritation I would probably seek advice

from a GP. I would imagine pessaries of some kind would be given

if treatment wasn't required. :-) xB

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The doctors are always saying use ky jelly or some other kind of chemical laden product, which results in a horrible odor. No one needs petroleum or nasty chemicals to help a flower bloom? How does she breath? Sex ones always seem to have a smelly thing too, I don't want sugar there either. So off to making my own, a perfect opportunity.

Why not have a word with the Practice Nurse. I did and she gave me cream with an applicator. (I did not want to discuss problem with male doctor - young enough to be my son!!)

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I live in america, and am a military vet. Our medicine is not as forward as yours can be, manners and medical folks really don't have much in common. I get who i get, women are still a strange species to the VA.

But thank you all the same.

certain lubricants for vaginal dryness contain agents that may be irritating to the vaginal membranes and change the pH COCCONUT OIL IS A GOOD LUBRCANT BUT NOT LONG TERM.Calendula oil is ok look up a product called Mae all natural also ask your doctor for vaginal estrogen which will help too

This Cochrane blog has a paragraph on it:

It mentions a lubricant called 'Yes!'; has anyone tried that?

Using natural oils like coconut and jojoba is fine but only to some extent. These might alter the vaginal pH in the long run and might cause more discomfort. Talk to your GP, communicating your problems is vital. Vaginal dryness is one of the symptoms of menopause. HRT relieves the symptoms of menopause. HRT can be taken either orally, applied to the skin in the form of gels, creams, and patches or inserted directly in the vagina as a pessary. There are some side effects associated with HRT but these last only for few weeks. The benefits of HRT are much more than its side effects. Some of the HRT that you can use are Evorel, Oestrogel and Estradot. Make sure you consult your GP before taking any medication.

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