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Canesten Combi query

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Having just finished a course of penicillin, I have now been struck down with extreme soreness and itching down below, which I am sure is thrush as a result of the antibiotics.

I was about to try and purchase the above product, or a Fluconazole tablet, when I notice that they are not licensed for people over 60 years old and many pharmacies actually refuse to sell them to anyone over 60 years old.

So what are we supposed to do? Would it be really harmful to either use the pessary or take the tablet?

Just wondered if anyone else has encountered this and how they have resolved it because it is driving me crazy:(

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Ask the pharmacist if there is an alternative, I'm really allergic to Canestan products so have no personal experience.

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Twitchen in reply to bantam12

My point though is that I have never had a problem with Canesten, which I have used occasionally and still do for athletes foot now and then, so I don’t understand why everything changes when you turn 60.

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bantam12 in reply to Twitchen

As you pass the magic 60 it needs to be checked in case it's something else like atrophy as wobblybee says, believe me atrophy can cause horrendous symptoms!!!!

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Twitchen in reply to bantam12

Well I also suffer from lichen sclerosus and atrophy which cause enough problems. However this itching and soreness has only appeared in the last few days.

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🤔 I don’t know whether most women would agree with this..

Atrophic vaginitis: in postmenopausal women lack of oestrogen reduces vaginal resistance to infection and injury, which can produce similar burning and itching symptoms to thrush, but thrush is uncommon in postmenstrual women.

Copied from

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Twitchen in reply to wobblybee

Well I was perfectly fine until I had the antibiotics, which are renowned for causing thrush.

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😕 It seems so unfair, to take medication for one thing..only to be struck down as a result of that medication..

There have been previous discussions about caused a lot of controversy..It has to be said that this medication is available at some outlets, no questions asked. But, on the other hand,...err on the side of caution...

Dear Twitchen, you are not alone! I have been suffering from thrush for months as a result of taking so many painkillers. Canestan has failed to subside the itching. I noticed that coconut oil and a solution of apple cider vinegar do the trick. :-)

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Twitchen in reply to alexab

Does it clear any thrush from inside the vagina?

I am not sure as I still take painkillers it but helps to maintain it.

I just feel that a fluconazole tablet would ensure that it has all been dealt with, so will probably end up having to go on the dreaded "Ask my GP" online thing and then wait for someone to get in touch. Alternatively, I could just order it from Amazon and be done with it!

Thanks for the information. I just don't understand why you are not supposed to have it once you turn 60, especially when you know the cause of your problem. Wonder if the pessary is better than the actual tablet.

Thank you for explaining. I had full blood test done a couple of months ago which included liver function and nothing abnormal showed up.

I am really surprised! Here, in Ontario, Canada, no prescription is needed. I'm 61, and used the oral pill last year when I thought I had yeast infection (I'm assuming that is the same as thrush?). I also use external canesten cream when itchy for a couple of days. My physician said lots of women do that. And I have vaginal atrophy and use vagifem regularly, but there is a difference in the discomfort. Hope you can get some.

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Twitchen in reply to Quilt2

Put in an online request to GP explaining that chemist wouldn’t let me have it and thankfully she sent a prescription for one flucanozole capsule direct to them. It does seem ridiculous that you can’t buy one OTC if you are over 60, on the plus side I didn’t have to pay for it 😉

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