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Strange symptoms since Feb 2018


Hi, ladies, I'm new here. My name is Maria turning 52 years old at the end of July. My period stopped 2 years and 6 months ago. End of Feb 2018 my life turned upside down and a long story. I was eating and chilling with my husband when suddenly out of nowhere I was suffocating and felt like an heart attack. I tried to control it with breathing exercise, as I refuse to call the ambulance. I haven't been checked for over 5 years before this incident, because usually I don't have health issues . I was new in the area and next day went to register to nearby GP. It was impossible to get an appointment as soon as possible, that day I thought I was dying and looked awful and they actually didn't care so they send me to the local chemist instead. Local Chemist was more professional and helpful then GP and called a cab for me to go to emergency as my blood pressure was 190/110. Blood , heart, liver, lungs, smear, cholesterol etc.. It's all good except blood pressure was still high. GP and hospital (ended up A&E several times) referred me to different departments and each time had a different diagnosis. Still today I'm suffering on and off from suffocation. GP and Hospital insist that I have anxiety attacks and tried to prescribe me antidepressant. I refuse any medications until I know 100% what's wrong with me. Never had mental illness or any illness except for on and off high blood pressure since 16 years old. I keep on asking for my hormone level and what's going with my menopause. GP don't talk about it like it's a taboo and tried again to say I should be on HRT (not suitable for High blood pressure sufferers) without knowing whats going on first and just assuming. All I know, every time I eat anything, I start to suffocate and now the waiting and suspense's creating anxiety in me that I never had before. Can't work now until this problem's sorted and I'm fighting to find out the root of the problem. The only food which doesn't affect me it's croissant with cold long live whole milk from Sainsbury and water. When I eat even little meal my upper stomach get swollen and I get very bloated, then I can't breath. Feels like 9 month pregnancy pressing on my ribs. I walk everyday at least 3 miles to lose weight. 2 month ago i was size 18, now size 16 and starving myself for fear of suffocation. I've tested myself few days ago by trying to eat a little bit of proper meal. Half hour later I couldn't breathe. I have great respect for NHS system, it's the people who work for them that are a problem. Prescribing medication without knowing the source of the problem it's really insane and irresponsible. I don't take any medication, not even basic pain killers. GP seems to just wanna get rid of me referring me to multiple department and hospitals which don't have the equipment. On one occasion I called 111, I felt like I was crossed examined by a robot and had to tell them, not to speak to me like a machine. I've heard it all since I'm not ok. I'm still waiting starving to found out the cause of my problem. Is there anyone here which have the same problem? some advice? I'm here for advice, because GP don't have time to be compassionate with patients or listening our concerns. They are just referrals or affiliates...really :(

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What do you mean by suffocating ? Is it air hunger where you feel you can't take a deep enough breath ? This is usually caused by anxiety and stress but also common in thyroid disease. Have you had X-rays and scans of your chest and stomach ?

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What I mean it's like someone's strangle me and only happens after food

Are you a man? or Doctor? if I may ask?

I've requested chest x-rays and ultrasound.. But GP still insisting it's anxiety .. I'm not anxious... I know my body and instinctively I believe it's something related to my upper stomach or menopause side effects or allergies... blaming on anxiety is always the easier option..

Maybe you right..tho... I will ask again my GP for Thyroid, stomach and chest. I never had this kind of issues. Was out of the blue and sudden

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Nope not a man or a doctor.

Maybe see a different GP and ask for referral to a Gastroenterologist and ENT as without tests you will never know. Blaming it on anxiety is an easy option but sadly it's often the cause even when we the patient don't realise we are anxious.

I hope you get some answers soon.

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Thank you bantam12. I will definitely ask my GP for referral to a Gastroenterologist. Just read about it and trying to learn more. My anxiety will end when the problem's been sorted. I just need to know the source and then i will be able to deal with it. No need for antidepressant

I had the same issues. Turns out my body was not processing any carbs. My insulin sensitivity was at 23%. Doctor put me on Metformin and it didn’t happen again until my hormones went wonky after coming off birth control. Lisinopril for the BP.

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It’s interesting that your body wasn’t processing any carbs. That’s something that I’ve never heard of before. But I know various symptoms can be caused by Gastrointestinal Malabsorption 🙂xB

You don't happen to be on any kind of bone med. for osteoporosis, do you? I know when I tried to take them, I would eat a bite of food and literally couldn't breath and/or swallow! It was an awful feeling. Sorry you're feeling so frustrated...

Been taking prescribed folic acid 5mg for 3 weeks and the suffocation feeling have reduced enormously. Folic acid's little miracle for menopause. My stomach's reducing also.

Unfortunately I have another serious issue. I 've always suffered from high blood pressure since 16 years old and the menopause made it much worse. For some reason, the only time my blood pressure stabilise for few days is after a blood test (148/88).

Other than that , the lowest I get is 158/92 and the highest 220/120.

I exercise everyday, no coffee ;( no cappuccino:( , no alcohol and no salty food. Now I am trying to stop eating food which contain high level of fructose to help reduce the high blood pressure. I don't know how I'm still alive!

I was advised by hospital doctors not take medication until the cause has been investigated. My GP will refer me to a High Blood Pressure specialist.

I am very worried. Menopause's very scary and causes lots of problems in our lives.

We need a cure!

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