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64 and having hot flushes

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Hello all

I have a querie. I am getting hot flushes at 64. Are there many women out there still getting hot flushes at my age? Maybe it's quite common?

They are worse than they used to be. They stopped for years when I was taking HRT pills.

I started Estrogen cream which has helped a little but I am getting them every hour day and night, and all over my body.

Do you think there might be something else other than the menapause going on? I do have an underactive thyroid. Had it for 30 years and there is very little thyroid gland left now.

I also have ME/CFS. Not sure if that could effect too. Its sll so confusing 🤔

I would be greatfull for and shared experiences or thoughts.


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Menopause symptoms can continue for many years and for some they never go away, it’s not uncommon.

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smilingjane in reply to bantam12

I suppose that makes sense as we are lacking a hormone.Thanks bantam for getting back


I suddenly started getting them multiple times a day (at least 30, I think), and it seemed so sudden 18 months after menopause that I did a bit of reading, thinking they might be related to my earlier Covid infection, especially as I was suddenly getting breathless again (though I know that too can be menopause).

That led me to trial a low-histamine diet; the first day, they decreased in number and strength, and by the end of the first week, they’d disappeared completely. Breathlessness also has largely disappeared with the addition of anti-histamines.

I still don’t know for sure what the trigger is for me - whether sex hormones or mast cells being upset after Covid, which is apparently common - but thought I’d let you know, in case it’s helpful. I’ve also been diagnosed with ME/CFS, and wondered if the low-histamine would help my fatigue. Sadly, no sign of that for me, but it does help some people that way.

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smilingjane in reply to Thalia56

Thank you so much for your response.That is really interesting re the low histermine diet. I may look into that.

I am so sorry it hasn't helped your fatigue though:(

PEM is such a drag. I expect you like me, miss the person you used to be.

Still, onwards and upwards!

My mum used to say when there was a problem, theres always a way!

I remain hopefull and wish you all the best going forward


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Thalia56 in reply to smilingjane

Thanks so much. Life with ME/CFS is different than life without it, that's for sure. I try to find little things to enjoy every day. I know it sounds terribly pollyanna-ish, but it helps if I concentrate on good things rather than things I can no longer do. I'm sorry you're having to live with this illness and wish you the very best.

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smilingjane in reply to Thalia56

Thalia56 thank you so much for your kind words.

I have a friend who has sufferred from poor health over several periods in her life and she tells me exactly the same thing.

Try to incorporate enjoyment in everyday things and try to do at least one fun or joyous thing each day.

A book I ordered came today which has brought me a little joy 😊 Lots of attractive pictures of the interia of a seaside cottage furnished and designed with vintage 'finds' by Pearl Lowe.

Its got me thinking that I may slowly change my small appartment with a coastal vintage 'look'.

Oh the joys of the internet. Where would we be without it? It has been a wonderfull way to communicate with folk that understand the isolation that chronic poor health can bring.

Hoping you manage to see some sunshine in your week 😊

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Thalia56 in reply to smilingjane

Thank you for your lovely words (I think I can see why you are called smiling Jane! 😀)

The book and your thoughts about transforming your living space sound wonderful. My bit of sunshine this week has been watching the tennis from Queens. I’m only able to watch entire matches for hours on end because I can’t do other things, so every cloud most certainly has a silver lining!

I daren’t even think how life would be for those of us with chronic illness without the internet.

I hope you have a good rest of the week.

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smilingjane in reply to Thalia56

Yes I often think about those that haven't internet access and it was only 25 odd years ago it became mainstrean in the UK.

Imagine not even having a television. Lets not 🤔

I will def look into the low histamine diet. You never know 😉

Thanks again for your experience snd thoughts.


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NanaFifi in reply to Thalia56

What’s a low histamine diet?

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Thalia56 in reply to NanaFifi

It’s a diet avoiding as far as possible foods that have a lot of histamine in them, which include anything aged - hard cheeses, wine, aged beef, etc etc. If you google the term, there are lots of sites out there explaining about histamine issues and offering recipes and meal suggestions, though there is also quite a bit of contradiction between sites on low-histamine foods. The well-regarded “master” list can be found here: mastzellaktivierung.info/do...

I’m 71 and still getting them after going through the menopause, with flushes every few minutes, at 56. I get them at night now (not every night) but more so after drinking alcohol and eating heavier meals than normal. Some people are never free of them unfortunately!

Gosh still getting them at 71. Do you use any HRT or herbal products?

I'm going to keep on with my Estrodial cream for 2 months and see how that progresses.

I am intetested to know if you have had success with, is it sage and black cosh? Have I got that right. sorry it is late!


No nothing. When I was going through it in my 50s, there were scare stories about HRT so I just suffered. I tried a few things but nothing really worked. Now we know more. I don’t get them in the day any more just occasionally at night so I just accept that as I can pinpoint why. My internal thermostat is definitely not as good at regulating my body temperature as it was.

Hello Jane, I'm 73 and still having hot flushes, in fact even more than when I was going through the menopause. I have been told that it is yet another symptom of ME/CFS. I pour sweat and can be either hot or very cold and it has no bearing on the external temperature. Not encouraging, I know, but maybe offers an explanation.

Hello Angelsreign

Thank you for getting back.

Thats interesting, another person with ME/CFS suffering hot flushes way after I thought they would be over.

I am so sorry to hear you are suffering. Have you tried anything that has helped in the past? and do you manage any relief now?

There is so much going on in our hugely complicated ever changing systems.

I think we all need a year long retreat with yoga for those that can and sunshine for those that can with a total rest from the stresses that is life.

I hope things soon become easier for you 🤔

Hi Smilingjane, I was on HRT from age 50 - 60 because I was having day & night sweats, we’re talking 15 -20 times a day. Was kind of pushed into stopping HRT and back they came so, at age 62 I’m back on HRT again! My advice, try the HRT again and you’ll soon know if your hormones are the cause of your hot flashes.Good luck from a fellow flusher! 🥵 xx

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smilingjane in reply to NanaFifi

Thanks Nanafifi

I am going to and hope it helps.

Interestingly since this post was written a cortisol test came back and it appears my cortisol is very low though the day. So another thing to think about!

Its all inter-related which dosn't help in understanding at all 🤔

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NanaFifi in reply to smilingjane

I know, I recently went to my GP because I was extremely fatigued and just not functioning very well at all. I told him “could be my RA or my Thyroid or my Lupus . . . . “ so many options!! (ended up my iron reserves were very low)

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smilingjane in reply to NanaFifi

Thiing is so many health issues have similar symptoms. No wonder people can be wrongly diognosed 🙄

Have you found increasing iron has helped?

Good luck with everything


Iron tablets have helped a lot, just finished the 3 month course this week actually and I would say it took a good 6-8 weeks before I saw any real improvement. I still get fatigued but 🤷‍♀️ who knows RA? Lupus? It’ll be interesting to see what my bloods say. Good luck to you too, let me know how you get on with the HRT. xx

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smilingjane in reply to NanaFifi

Good to hear irons helps you.

Out of intetest. how do you take it? I have read every other day is best. Is that what you do?


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NanaFifi in reply to smilingjane

My GP prescribed mine twice daily and you know how it is, you just assume they know best 🤔😂

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smilingjane in reply to NanaFifi

Well if it has worked 😉

Menopause is tough for many women, including me. It is nothing unusual for the flushes to go on for years as I have found out. Tried everything the health shop could offer. Nothing helped. Can't take HRT so its cold turkey, but somehow managing it. I am struggling holding down a job now and know I am close to giving it up. Sometimes its a case of working out what can help or what can increase the symptoms. Stay strong.

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smilingjane in reply to jay1x

Jay1xSorry to hear your sufferring and possibly having yo give your job up.

I wish you all the best going forward and hope things become easier for you.


Hi l am 64 and get symptoms more at night find them worse when l have eaten sugar ,sweets etc also wine ,when l cut them out l am a lot better and sleep better.

Thanks Bowling 10Glad to hear removing sugar helps for you. It is toxic stuff isn't it?

I don't drink and am on the Paleo/Keto diet so its pretty much off my list.

I am a couple of weeks into Estrodial cream and thank goidness my hot flushes are pretty much gone 😊

Just shows how much my hormones were struggling. Just the thyroid to sort now!

Keep smiling it also helps

It does indeed 😊😊

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