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So I have had thrush for the past 3 years!!!

Ever since I was pregnant with my 1st daughter it just won’t budge.

I have been to my doctor who has given me tablet after tablet, pessary after pessary and it just comes back within a week of going.

I am at my total whits end with it!

I don’t wash down there with soap I don’t wear overly tight clothing. I literally take every precaution.

Does anyone know what the cause of this could be?

I’m ready to chop my vagina off 😭

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Hiya are you on any contraception pill? as some come with the side effect of thrush I know noriday does x

No I’m not on any at all x

Oh bless you☹️absolute shit then! Definitely just keep going back. Do you see a gynaecologist? X

No. I don’t. Would literally have to move mountains to get referred I think 😩

Hey :) I have had this problem too...

Make sure it isn't:

1. Your washing powder - even if its the exact same one, they may have changed ingredients.

2. That if you are having sex that your partner is treated - even if he doesn't appear to have it. Men don't tend to get symptoms (sooo unfair!)

3. Cut out as much sugar as you can out of your diet.

4. Refrain from wearing tights, leggings, skinny jeans and any underwear that isn't cotton.

5. Make sure its definitely thrush and not bacterial vaginosis. They present similarly.

Good Luck :) x

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Oh and i invested in vagisil for washing, shower gels irritate the hell of downstairs for me....seems i have a very delicate flower!

I use femiwash but I might try the vagisil wash! Xx

I’ve changed my washing powder lots in the 3 years and it’s never made a difference, my partner uses thrush cream all the time because I keep blaming him 🙈🤣

All I wear is black leggings 🙈 will have to make sure they are cotton.

I have taken the canasten test to see if it’s BV and it comes back thrush so 🤷🏼‍♀️ thank you for your reply x

I always get it when i eat a lot of sugar - I kind of counteract it with eating lots of live yogurt. Good luck :)

Some women take acillin tablets (from garlic) and that keeps them at bay

Hello! I know this post is a bit old now but I wondered if you are still suffering or whether you got to the bottom of it? I have had thrush for four months now and cannot shift it!! 😫

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