How to get rid of Thrush :(

Hiya people.. Need help with understanding how to get rid of Thrush.

I was put on Anti-boticts to cure it, but was told that it has caused my thrush. They given me a oral tablet to take, and I have been given thrush cream aswell which I have used correctly...I have drank alot of flavoured water, loads of lemon juice and also Cranberry Juice.. Still hasn't gone. I have noticed that after changing my shower gel, I have started to get all this.. Thrush tablet and cream hasn't worked.

Can anyone help.

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  • Tea tree oil is good for eradication of thrush

  • Thank you, How do you apply tea tree oil? As I don't have a bath in my home, is their another way of applying it..

  • I made a solution up of tea tree drops in some water and dipped in a tissue and squoze it on my vagina .. I did this several times a day til the infection cleared up .. Lie on the bed to apply it and also put a towel underneath you

  • Soaking a tampon in it then inserting it could be another way if you use them

  • How many days did it take for it to heal up? Been suffering now for other a week now, I have suffered with it in the past but not for this long.

  • Took a few days .. When I was married I got it a lot .. I rarely suffer from it now

  • It goes away, then comes back again.. I think its because I dont drink enough in the day for me to go the toliet often.

  • Well then try drinking more then .. It is important to keep your body hydrated .. You know you are dehydrated when your urine is dark in colour

  • I have tried but I get a bloated feeling from IBS, that makes me feel like I have already had something to dry.. I hardly get thirsty

  • I suffer from IBS too .. Bloating is not nice I know .. Yep I know u don't get thirsty much, I understand that too but drink anyway as it really does help

  • Dilute it with water before applying it

  • Thank you for your advice, I will give it a shot :)

  • Go to doctor and get correct cream and tablets. It will get worse if you don't.

  • Natural Live yoghurt

  • Hi, taking probiotics will help, if you go to your nearest health food store and tell them what you want it for they will advise you on the best one to take.

  • Hi, the best natural remedy for thrush is Apple Cider Vinegar, I have used it and a lot of my patients and friends have all found success...

    Get a good quality Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother) - the brand Braggs is very good and well priced. Have a table spoon in water 2 - 3 times a day. Also buy a probiotic and have daily. Include live yoghurt in your diet as well. You should see a difference in a couple days. Homeopathic remedies are fantastic, if you interested I can send you some more info, but definitely try the apple cider vinegar - it works!!

    P.S stay away from all chemical body washes, especially until the thrush clears. go for a natural sls / paraben free wash.


  • My suggestion would be to go on a raw vegan diet for two weeks. Eat only raw veg and small amout of fruit. Have 2 slices of raw garlic every morning just slice the garlic in small pieces leave it for 10mins than drink it with luke warm or cold green tea and dont worry your mouth wont smell just when you go to use the barhroom you will smell it and after about 3-4 days you wont smell it any more but atleast this method is better than the traditional way where you actually would put the garlic in your vagina. Veg i recommended include broccoli, cauliflower, Beetroot, onions, celery, tomatoes, carrots, red and yellow peppers these are the main but you can inlude others too if you wish. Fruit include banana, kiwi and apple include some seeds and nuts but not too much nuts. All these will clean both your colon and strengthen your immune system, liver and kidney. Earing raw for the first few days is hard on your digestive system but within 3-4 days youll get use to it. You will need to buy vitamin c, d, turmeric in form of tables and take one of them good bacteria vitamin tablets too cant remember the name. Warning you will lose about 5kg in weight or even more

  • You might have a wider yeast infection. The best thing is maybe to cut out sweet things from your diet to let Your Body recover but talk to your doctor who might give you something like nystatin what is an anti-fungal. Praying it heals up for you soon God bless x

  • Thank you all the advice, I will take on board everything you all said and hopefully it will heal up, Thanks again.

  • I put the Thrush cream on for over night, it worked untill I went to the toliet.. Burned alittle, but I have drank alot and it it doesnt burn anymore, and going toliet better.

  • Stop using the bath gel and never wash your vagina with anything but water, use your fingers or cloth to clean. It's most likely irritation from using the product so I would really just watch out for other symptoms such as abdo pain or swelling of the vulva.

    Home remedies might work for some people but might make your case worse especially if you use different ones all at the same time.

    Wear loose clothing, no leggings, or skinny jeans till this clears up.

    Wear cotton underwear.

    Don't wear underwear while sleeping if you can.

    Try to avoid any wipes and soaps till it's gone.

  • I know what you are going through, because I kept on Thrush and water infectious last year and was like that about 5 months… My GP told me that, once you had it you can not get rid of it and he also said that, shower gel, shower creams, baths bomb and bubble bath are the worse can use… Now I've get it always get it when I have finish my period… I have been seen my GP about it and he gives me a Thrush Pill… Have you try Canesfresh Feminine Wash Soothing Wash Gel?

  • I have suffered with thrush since I was 17 and now I'm 48! The creams and pests arts used to work but no longer seem to be effective. I don't use any perfumed products and I'm a vegetarian so the comments on here don't work for all. I have been treated with oral tablets as well which didn't make any difference

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