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Vitamins, oils for depression in Perimenopause.

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Does anyone take any vitamins, minerals and oils that have helped severe depression in Perimenopause? I can't take HRT, as I react badly to it.

Many thanks.

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Thank you. I do meditation and yoga, but was looking for some tried and tested vitamins that I could add during this very difficult time. Thanks for your reply.

Hi. I feel the same. Listless and empty...but lucky in some ways. Keep your chin up!

Sorry to hear that.

Thank you again. I appreciate it.

Hi LilyMistri

I went into Holland & Barrett recently and got some advice. There’s a few vitamins out there, but some can have some contraindications if you’re taking other prescribed medication.

Max dose of Evening Primrose oil or Starflower Oil has been recommended. No contraindications. There are more supplements you can take, but I think it’s worth a chat for reassurance!

I’ve also started Couch to 5k! Never ran before, in fact dreaded it, but I’m absolutely loving how it makes me feel! Brilliant for depression! I’m taking on the menopause with gusto!! I do hope to get better sleep one day too!! Tut! 😁

I hope that helps! ❤️

Thanks for your message. You fill me with some hope. Exercise is something I will up definitely. I will check these oils. Thank you. X

Love, love, love Couch to 5k!!


I can longer jog, but I ride a bike now due to arthritis.

There is a cool organization in the UK, too. Their new website is cool even if you can't run their races.

It was begun by a single lady as "Too Fat to Run" a few years ago.

Her group and site have a new name now but you can search for "Too Fat to Run"--youll find her. Lots of inspirational stories.

Thanks for that. Sounds amazing. X

I started getting perimenopausal symptoms quite noticeablely a couple of months ago and although depression wasn't the main one I was feeling quite out of sorts. I went to Neal's Yard and the lovely assistant made up a tincture there and then for me based on my symptoms (mainly night sweats). I've been taking it for about 2 months now and it seems to be working. I've also started the C25k running programme and yoga and all in all things are going OK. I should say that I do suffer from depression which did flare up earlier this year. I take a very low dose of an anti-depressive and have done for a number of years. It irons out the extreme dips and keeps me on an even keel. I hope you feel better soon.

Thanks for writing to me. I appreciate you sharing this. I can see there is a common thread of exercise and natural remedies here. Thanks for your help.

Thank you everyone for your support. I'm really glad I found this website and you shared your stories. Xxx

Hi, Sorry to hear about your depression.

I have started to suffer with really bad swings in moods and emotions with perimenopause. I looked up vitamin supplements and foods to help control it. I have just started taking B complex, E, evening primrose oil and Black Cohosh. I also use Neal's Yard women's balance blend in an oil burner and drop Rescue Remedy. I add flaxseed/linseed to food too and try and avoid sugar (3 days out of 7 isn't bad!).

I am sure the night sweats have eased straight away with the Black Cohosh.

I regularly exercise and practice yoga.

I am still waiting to feel the difference in moods as I have only been taking the vitamins for a week.

I hope you get some respite from your feelings soon.

Thank you so much. I'm doing some of the things you mentioned, but will see to getting the things you mentioned. Wishing you well too.

Has anyone tried estroplus from boots for menopausal symptoms

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