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Depression and anxiety

Hi, I’ve had depression & anxiety for years. I’ve not even been able to take birth control pills because my depression gets worse. I’ve tried a few antidepressants, they’ve not worked and only had the bad side effects. I’ve had every blood test imaginable including full work up on thyroid. I do have MTHFR gene so I’m taking Deplin 15. All vitamins were also checked, vit b was a bit low so I now get injections once a month. All else is fine. Wondering if anyone has any ideas. Also I believe I’m worse when it’s 7-10 days before my period.

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What were your thyroid results and ranges and what were your vitamin results and ranges?


TSH 1.5 (0.4-5.0)

T3 Total 110 (60-200)

Free T4 1.3 (0.8-1.7)

Thyroxine,Free 1.6 (0.80-2.30)

Anti-thyroid Peroxidse AB 12.9 (IU/ml <34)

Anti-thyroid Thyroglobulin AB 40.4 (IU/ml <115)

Thyroid anti-TPO antibiody 9.0 (0-34.0)

B12 1091 (160-970) WAS AFTER INJECTION

Vit D 53 (>30)

Iron 140 (30-160) I am on supplements

I'm sure I have more results around, but am taking Iron, Deplin, magnesium. I lost 20 pounds a years ago and have gained back about 27 pounds with no changes in diet, meds etc.

In 2014 my THS was 5.37 and was retested a month later and was between 2-3.

August of 2016

I had a thyroid US which showed slightly enlarged thyroid with similar appearing nodules scattered in the right and left lobe.

August of 2017

I had another US that I had a nodule on right lobe 1cm containing microcalcifications that were not seen last year, I saw an ENT and she recommended a FNA, I tried to set up the appointment but another radiologist said the US was fine and with the nodule only being 1cm they would not get a good sample and to wait and just have another US.

My weight is another issue. In June 2016 I weighed 163, pretty normal for me, I've never been "small" and I'm 5'8. My weight stayed within 8 pounds of that until this past summer I could tell I was gaining weight, in August I was 177 and now I'm up to 183 and have never been this big.

I'm at a loss.........

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Your thyroid results are unequivocally euthyroid (normal) and thyroid antibodies are negative for autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimoto's) so you don't appear to have any thyroid dysfunction.

TSH in 2014 was high and that may be due to a virus or illness around that time.

With the exception of 'hot' nodules which cause hyperthyroidism nodules don't affect thyroid levels. Nodules <1cm are rarely malignant and are generally to small to FNA but they would probably have tried if the ultra sound had shown the nodule had suspicious characteristics. In the UK they generally wait until nodules are >2cm before doing FNA biopsy unless the US shows suspicious characteristics.

B12 is expected to be high after injection.

Iron is high in range.

VitD 53 ng/ml is optimal.

Having conclusively ruled out thyroid dysfunction and vitamin deficiencies I'm sorry I can't help in any other way.


Thanks anyways, the only thing any doc has diagnosed is low b12 causing neuropathy (they believe) Indo have nerve damage in feet, not diabetic-also don’t have PA or celiac, just a bunch of hypothyroid symptoms! Weight gain, thinning hair, brain fog, excema etc....So much fun at 21.....


In America yasmin is a combined contraceptive pill specifically recommend for pmt / pmdd . In England they call it lucetta. It works much better for me with mood swings than other pills...

btw I cheat and don't take a seven day break, even missing one or two pills can get my pmt back..

Things got quite bad for me, and a small dose of quetiapine was added which helped the anxiety very quickly.....


I tried Safryl which is Yasmin with some folic acid in it, that’s one of the pills I had to stop on day 12 because the depression & body pain was so bad....I was able to take Lutera for 5 months until the depression got so much worse. I’ve also tried Ortho tri cyclene. I just can’t win. But thanks for your suggestion.


Yes everyone is different with reactions to hormones, I know some people have done well will just the minipill, but it sent me suicidal, and paranoid,,.


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