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Perimenopause and skin problems

Hi I'm new on here, so please bear with me. I've been perimenopausal for about a year and lately I have been plagued by bad facial spots. I've been trying all sorts of natural face products including rose hip oil and witch hazel to try and ensure my skin isn't breaking out in sweat anymore, but still they appear right in the middle of my cheeks, as well as my nose and it's starting to get me down somewhat. I never really had bad problems as a teenager, so am now at a loss as to what to try? Has anyone found any products useful at all? I'm 49 by the way. TIA - Nikki x

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Hello. I'm suffering with my hormones at the moment. Severe PMS. I've tried lots of different moisturisers and cleansers, etc.

The only one I've found to help is dr.organic hemp oil 24 hour face cream, it really helping. My skin is spotty, red patches and gets very dry and sensitive; this helps with all of those. Before I tried this I was as using my usual moisturiser plus E45 a couple of times a day too.

I had never suffered with spots or sensitive skin until I hit 37, it's horrible.

I suppose any face cream with hemp oil would be good from a reputable health store.

Best wishes 💗


Sorry to hear you're suffering badly too. Hemp oil eh - thanks ever so much for that advice. May I ask, how long before you noticed it was starting to help? It is really horrible going around with spots after all these years - it makes me feel almost dirty!

All the best 😊


It started to soothe after a day or two. My skin doesn't seem as red either.

I feel like you, embarrassed by my skin, as I don't eat bad, drink plenty of water, and cleanse, moisturise everyday. It's just my hormones but it sure feels bad.


Ooh - that's pretty quick! Sounds just the thing!

We shouldn't be feeling embarrassed and wanting to hide away should we? And like you, I drink plenty of water and don't eat bad either.

Thank you so much - I hope your skin continues to improve! All the best ☺️


You too. I am trying evening primrose again to see if that helps. Best of luck 💗

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Hi Nikki,

Sorry to read you have skin issues. I had this at the start too and I purchased Boots No7 Dermabrasion. It cost about £11.00 and you use twice a week, so lasts a reasonable length of time. You can really feel the abrasion working like light sandpaper on your skin. Have been using for some time now and it is quick to use and and leaves the skin feeling lovely and soft and radiant. May be worth a go. The other obvious thing which I am sure you will know is to watch your sugar content.

Good Luck. x


Hi! Thanks very much for your recommendation- I will look into trying that if there's no improvement with trying the Dr Organic's rescue cream (which arrived yesterday and feels lovely so far). I have to keep to a pretty strict diet for other reasons, so sugars shouldn't be an issue- but I will review that just in case! Thanks 😊x


I'm 49 and have suffered with bad spots recently. Tho I think mine are related to plucking hairs. However I have found that dabbing tea tree oil on them had been a brilliant way of getting rid of them. They still come but less frequently and don't last as long.

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