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Help with blood test

I've been a bit unwell food seeming to get stuck in throat, constipation. The doctor did blood tests for it but I can't understand them so putting results here in hope of a bit of help:

Chemo luminescent units 1.9 (outward arrow in front)

Tissue transglutaminase antibodies are now being tested by chemiluminescense. Results will be issued as positive or negative and CU. Positive results being confirmed with an endo usual antibody.

Negative (out arrow) 20 CU

Weak plosives 20 - 30 CU

Positive (in arrow) 30 CU.

It then says 1gA. 1.71 and Tissu transglutaminase 1gA level Negative.

I haven't got a clue what it adds up too, so grateful if someone else might.

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