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Help needed with test results (iron)

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I have been suffering from symptoms of anemia with fainting, hair loss, lack of energy, lack of appetite, occasional irregular heartbeat, occasional chest paint, breathlessness (feeling unfit when I am young and slim and attend the gym) and always feeling cold. Went for blood tests and doctors said I’m fine, here’s the ranges:

Serum Iron Level: 14umol/L (9.00-30.00umol/L)

Serum Transferrin: 2.73g/L (2.50-3.80g/L)

Serum Ferritin: 17ug/L (15.00-250.00ug/L)

Transferrin saturation index: 20% (15.00-50.00%)

Can anyone advise if these results are normal?


Thought it would be more useful/helpful to upload a picture of all my results!

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Have you had your thyroid tested ? Your symptoms could be related to hyper or hypothyroidism.

Yes - they only tested TSH which was 3.64miu/L (0.48-4.17miu/L for the range)

TSH on its own is not much use but your result is to high, ideally it should be nearer to 1, you need T4, T3 and antibodies tested, if your GP won't do them you can order private tests online.

Just uploaded a picture of the full results as I thought this might be more helpful!

Your cortisol is high which can be another indication of thyroid problems but also high cortisol should be followed up in case of Cushings disease.

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Hi I read you're response there and I was curious ,, can you really order bloods on line?? Wow how do you do that?

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There are several online labs, Medichecks is a popular one. You order the test you want and they send a home finger prick kit (depending on test) then you send it back to them and wait for the results with Dr's report, it's a good way to keep track of your own health.

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Oh wow I didn't know that , that's great to know very helpful thankyou😊👍

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🤔 It would be a good idea to discuss these results with your GP, you need a medical opinion to interpret all the results, this would give you peace of mind. A liver function test is said to be ‘out of range’..this could be affected by your thyroid..speak to your GP.

I have spoken to my GP and he said everything was fine, results that are out of range aren’t out of range enough to be a problem in their terms

Hi - I’m not medical so can’t offer any interpretation of your results but I was diagnosed anemic without even having any of those symptoms that you describe - it was discovered when I tried to donate blood (which I do regularly) and I was refused. But anemia itself has underlying causes (which in my case not yet known). Have you told all your symptoms to the doctor ? Could you be over dieting or over exercising ? I’ve only recently got into running and discovering so much about my body ! I’ve read about all sorts of syndromes due to over exercise (not injuries) some of which can take months to get over. Anyway, sorry can’t help more !

My friend has done a lot of research into this . Please go onto you tube ( sally jacks) is her name . She has had to have an iron infusion at Harley st. Iron clinic. It’s very interesting

Hi yes you need a clearer picture as to what's going on you need a full blood count done perhaps. I've been getting treated for animia for two years ( due to heavy periods and endometriosis) and all the symptoms you describe are exactly how I felt before treatment. After a week of ferrous fumarate tablets the difference was unbelievable.

I had the same issues. Ask them to give you the ca125 blood test.

I have Medi Cal and just requested a blood panel because my body isn’t feeling quite right. I’m also bipolar/ADHD and COVID

has financially been very hard on me and I have also gained the COVID 25.

I am constantly tired. Got my results back

and my blood sugar is higher tho not

diabetic, my white cell count is up a little which might indicate an infection and my

Red platelets And vitamin D R a little low

which can be a sign of anemia.

Obviously 🙄 I’m not pleased 😀

I’m seeing my doctor virtually on Tuesday

afternoon at 5 pacific hopefully I can get these issues figured out. I know that I want at least a B-12 shot and find out the possibility of an infection. That iron infusion treatment sounds very interesting.

Right now I’m drinking Ensure low Cal Protein driving with plenty of vitamin D,

Iron etc. I know that parts of my problems R large weight gain and not enough exercise. I’ll see how it goes stay safe guys

BTW my name is Shnookie Toodles !

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