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Ovarian Cyst

Hi all,

have been suffering with what I can only describe it as labour pains for the last 2 years just before each period...anyway last month it came back back with a bang and hasn't gone away completely since so I ended up in A & E and had and xray, ultrasound and trans vaginal ultrasound. I went to see the gynaecologist this morning and he told me that I have an ovarian cyst that is 10cm. He went through the whole speil about removing both my ovaries and going into an early menopause and sent me off for blood tests. I have had constant hip and back pain as well so looking forward to getting this removed but not looking forward to HRT ...I could never take the contraceptive pill as they have had adverse side effects so dreading this...has anyone had any experience with this? I am 41 btw. X

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