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FSH Levels and Oestradiol level

Hi, looking back at some past blood test results. Have been suffering from severe anxiety for a few years now. My FSH at the time of the test was 7 U/L. My serum oestradiol level was 1777 pmol/L.

I was told all was well, at the time of blood test my anxiety (OCD) was at it's worst. I was also menstruating at the time of the blood test. Can anyone help with these readings. I'm 47 but I was 42 at the time of the blood tests. I'm trying to find some help with my anxiety and am wondering if hormones are to blame. Thank you.

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Hi Alison - sorry I can't help with the readings - just know that 1777 is a good level of blood estrogen, however that was 5 years ago. These estrogen readings can fluctuate though and are usually considered by medics not to be reliable ie. the reading could be different the next day, the next hour. Hormonal fluctuations (peri-menopause) can cause increased anxiety and a whole host of other symptoms.

As you know, a lot can happen in 5 years to a woman's body, particularly in 40s. Think it would be worth asking GP for more hormone profile blood tests. You could be peri-menopausal.

We're all so uniquely different - however looking back now, my anxiety went off the charts in my late 30s as my ovaries were heading towards menopause and starting to act erratically. Not saying this is the case with you but worth checking. Good luck with it - anxiety is so ghastly.

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