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fluctuating B12 levels but have pernicious anaemia

I always thought that low B12 and PA were linked.

I have had low/borderline B12 readings previously but this last blood test indicated my level was normal yet I tested positive for pernicious anaemia.

Doctor did not seem unduly concerned.

anyone had similar experience ?

Thirty years ago, I know people who died from PA but we have come a long way since then.

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Pernicious anaemia causes B12 deficiency which is why PA sufferers should have 2-3 monthly B12 injections. There is a forum on HU dedicated to PA and B12 deficiency healthunlocked.com/pasoc


doc says he doesn't need to see me until next year ! Got my diabetic review in a couple of weeks so going to question it all then x



May be worthing looking in on PASoc for advice first.


Thanks Clutter. Support and information provided 👍

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Thank you. Clutter. Will do


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