Help! Menopause weight gain

Hi, I'm 47 and have been confirmed as gone/going through the menopause.  I don't have periods due to the depo injection but it came from a blood test from a well woman's review and explained a lot of weird things that have been happening to me over the last year.  BUT the main thing is the weight gain.  I walk 4 miles a day to and from work, go to the gym 2-3 times a week, I eat healthy, don't drink to excess but I'm getting bigger (a stone and half at the last count and my boobs enter the room 5 minutes before I do).  Sadly, I am that person that enjoys eating courgette spaghetti and cauliflower rice.  I've tried no carb (don't eat a lot of carbs anyway) but I can't keep expanding at this rate.  Would HRT help???  I don't have the time to do more exercise, I can't reduce what I eat.  Help please?!?! On the positive I have a great Ebay rating from the clothes I've had to sell that don't fit any more.

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  • Coopercat, my weight went up around that time too, and it's still climbing🙄  It does seem incredibly unjust, you're doing everything to counter attack it!

    My menopause finished when I was 52, and I expected great things after it was all done and dusted.   Not everybody's metabolism is the same.  You just have to look at recent pics of the Rolling Stones.  How is there any justice in men of their age looking slim and sylphlike 😏xB

  • Thanks....I think lol!  Could some of it be water?  I've tried the herbal water tablets over the counter which haven't worked.  Wondering about asking the Doctors for some. 

  • I've wondered about water retention too.  But, there's no denying (in my case) part of the problem is 'excess flab'🙄

    If you find a solution, please post😊xB

  • Well, I was dismissed and patronised by the Nurse over the telephone today.  Try Slimming World she said.  Bearing in mind I monitor my food intake and big into nutrition! But wouldn't give me water tablets. And we wonder why we're an obese nation when someone that does care, gets fobbed off.  Wouldn't even arrange a face to face appointment.  Oh well, worth a try and yes if I find something I'll keep you posted.  Thanks x

  • Unbelievable!!!! Water retention is defo a cause, I have looked on the web &. going to try cutting all carbs !!

  • I followed Slimming World and lost 2 stone and ate loads, it does work but does require a change in attitude and in what and how you eat. Unfortunately I've been diagnosed with ovarian cancer and am now having Chemo so am eating what I want when I want so my weight is up and down due to steroids etc. When treatment is over I will start it again.  

  • Coopercat 

    Great post....

    And I am in the same boat!!! Weight gain...Grrrrrrrrr 10lbs,

    I have tried Premarin & wished I hadn't to be honest, the pros do not out way the cons!!!! Now have gone cold turkey & stopped it (in 2nd week) and finding that my body is starting to feel a bit normal, not so bloated & heavy......

    My advice is try alternatives ? Natural remedies 

  • Any suggestions?  Tried herbal water tablets.  Nothing. I'm now trying a detox under no illusion that it loses water not weight. 

  • Coopercat

    Try Bootea it's a good detox tea......

  • I've heard of that.  Thank you

  • Also maybe try doing a fast ? To help... 16/8 or a 5/2 ? 

  • I'm on the Clean 9 now (desperation!) and now I know it'a water as I did nothing but wee for 2 days (too much information) but I didn't realise how bloated I was.  I know that's not weight loss as such but I feel better, feel lighter and my stomach isn't as big.  Diuretics would have been cheaper but hey.  If that's what I have to do every 6 months/12 months then so be it.  Ageing is rubbish lol

  • Clean 9 ? What's that ? 😛

  • Clean 9 Forever Living -‎

    It's not easy but it made me realise my reliance on coffee.  PS, it was a lot cheaper on Ebay 

  • But you can drink Peppermint tea & it does say if a decaf coffee will help, then have one.

  • Brilliant 👍👍👍 gonna try that, 


  • You've been on my mind - glad to hear that you are getting some relief with the clean 9.  I have been experiencing a bloated tummy area off and on but I love bread etc and suspect that the gluten is causing the problem rather than water retention, I have heard that gluten intolerance develops with the menopause.  I was going to suggest that since you already avoid carbs maybe your body is hanging on to every thing it can get and you could try the Every Other Day Diet - alternating 'feasting' and 'fasting' means that your metabolism doesn't slow down - which it is doing anyway through aging.    I was wondering if you think it would help to change your exercise routine - not to do more but to change things up a bit, our body gets used to routines it levels out the results, you go to the gym but do you change your programme often?  The High intensity interval method is effective - but if you are already doing interval training then you could try longer stamina training just for a change.  Increase the weights etc, of course the staff in the gym would be better to talk about this than me!!!!  

  • The feast/fast is an idea.  I employed a personal trainer when I didn't know it was the menopause and he gave me a great routine, only a few months ago.  I toned but didn't lose any weight.  He was incredulous, then I found out I was going through/gone through (still to be determined) the menopause.  I am going to join slimming world after a snotty nurse told me to.  So we'll see.  If you've got any links to the fast/feast, please let me know.  Thanks


    I got the book cheap in a discount book store! but it is good, backed up by research and includes simple recipes.  Really it is designed for people who are very overweight and need a long term plan that they can actually keep to but I did it for a couple of weeks as a kick start.

    I know loads of people who love slimming world and I think mutual support is a good idea especially when dealing with the menopause where there seem to be NO straight answers.

  • Joined Slimming World last week....we'll see.  Maybe I wasn't eating enough looking at their food???? x

  • Let us know how you get in, the secret is to stick with it and eat loads of the free food. It takes about 3 weeks for  the new way of eating to become a habit.  

    Clare X 

  • I can let you know.  I've never eaten so much food.......and lost 4 lbs!!!  It's like some sort of alchemy lol.  I must have put my body into starvation mode.  I do understand my body shape has changed (thank you menopause), my waist has thickened so I've ebayed all my figure hugging dresses and gone more skater/a Line dress.  Time to be realistic.  But it just goes to show, stop messing with your body with juicing/detox.  May it continue as there's a long way to go.

    Angie x

  • That's fantastic and a real boost too, well done and happy free food eating!

    Clare X

  • I had exactly the same problem. I exercise 6-7x a week (always have), rarely drink, eat healthily........ I went up a size, and 14lbs in a year. I've just lost 10lbs of it. Woo hoo. The secret is 3 low fat meals a day, no less than 5 hours apart. ( Ie 8am, 1pm, 6pm) One protein only in each meal. Snack in between, 2.5 hours after (and before) each meal. Snacks can only be fruit OR ryvita (or water crackers) with only coconut oil. Never eat ANYTHING after 9pm. Drink 2litres water a day. Boom

  • Well, that sounds a bit like Slimming World and I've lost 8 lb!! Never eaten so much food though funnily. I thought I knew about nutrition but it would appear i f****d my metabolism up with juices, detoxes, no carbs etc. Split your plate in 3, veg, carb and protein cooked simply, no processed food. All the fruit I can eat. It's coming off a lot slower than it went on but it is coming off.

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